The Linius Process


Linius Process

A 6-step proprietary proprietary process to give the perfect 

FitFinish and Fall in Linen.


1. Design Optimisation.

Our design team at Linen Trail, formulates the inspiration for the season. The team then conceptualises the inspiration to create design elements, these elements are used to piece together timeless designs.


2. Palette configuration

The design team identifies the colour palette for the various collections of the season using the design elements. Creating a theme.


3. Fine Sourcing

Our sourcing team at Linen Trail, identifies the finest 100% Linen made from European Flax, and sources the same based on the Palette Configuration provided by the design team.


4. Linius Wash

The 100% Linen fabric undergoes a Linius wash to remove shrinkage and achieve the right hand-feel and fall.


5. Precision Crafting

Our manufacturing team develops the patterns based on the designs provided by the design team, these patterns are used with great attention to craft a linen garment with the perfect fit with zero tolerance for error.


6. Refinement

Our quality control team checks the finish of each garment to ensure the quality of a Linen Trail garment.