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I got this from India and this shirt made me fall in love with linen

Texas, U.S

When I visited the website this was the first shirt that caught my eye was the Adam White. The delivery was fast and the customer service was good. I was happy when I received a free mask and cloth bag along with the order it's the small things that make a difference and I have been continuously buying from Linen Trail ever since

George Kora
Kochi, Kerala

I recently purchased this light pink kurta, which was custom-created to my specifications. The shirt's fit and workmanship were fantastic. I'd also recommend their new linen pants, which were quite comfortable!

Babu Chiriyankandath

I Ordered this shirt on the 14th of Feb 2022 which was a Monday and I received this shirt on the 17th of Feb 2022 on Friday. The delivery was faster than amazon and this was not the best part, the customer service helped me customise my product as well. Overall loved the experience

Ankush Sharma
Delhi, India

The size was perfect and I really like how the packaging was done

Arun Jo
Bangalore, India

I can't say enough good things about this brand. Everything is of the highest quality, from the shirts to the customer service. I'm completely captivated with the designs.

Kottayam, Kerala

✓The fitting of the shirt is perfect.
✓Exemplary Customer service
✓Received a free gift bag and mask along with the order
✓The Delivery was fast
✓The design of the shirt is unique.
✓Comfortable to wear.
✓Perfect for the evening


Linen Trail excels in three areas:  fit , finish, and fall. The price is neither inexpensive nor exorbitant. Personally, I believe it is reasonably priced for a quality-conscious audience. 

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Very good 100% Pure Linen Shirt, the fit and the feel of the shirt was better than expected. Good customer service as well as personalisation of the packaging(I requested it to have a note as it was a gift) made the experience a lot better

Vishal jethwa
Mumbai, Maharashtra

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Premium Pure Linen Collection For Men and Women

Linen Trail: A Luxurious Linen Collection

Linen Trail: A Luxurious Linen Collection for men and women

When timeless sophistication meets sustainable style – if you want to discover linen like never before, you will want to check out the collections on offer at Linen Trail. We bring to you a collection of linen garments that are not only crafted using the highest grade of linen but also designed keeping in mind, the modern-day shopper, who wants nothing but perfection.

Everything you will need to create that perfect wardrobe, one that has something for the every day and for every occasion, is right here. We bring to you, linen essentials that are light and breezy on your body, and kinder to the planet. From muted colours to vibrant hues, from structured silhouettes to casual comfort, we bring to you the most exquisite and most elaborate range of linen clothing for men and women.

Linen wear for the man who wants it all!

The modern man of today wants to make those large strides in his professional life, but he wants to do it in style and absolute comfort. This is why, the modern man wants linen in his wardrobe, because it ticks all the boxes! Linen is not only supremely comfortable but also easy to maintain and offers quiet luxury.

At Linen Trail, you will be able to shop for some of the classiest and most sophisticated linen clothing for men, which has been designed keeping in mind global fashion trends!

Linen Men’s Shirts – Options for all occasions

When you have the right shirt, one that is designed with the intention to offer you perfection, you wear a sense of confidence too. Choosing pure linen shirts from our collections would perhaps be the wisest shopping choice you could make.

  • The polished appearance that our long sleeve linen shirts can proffer you is one that is needed to win over the boardroom.
  • The short sleeved shirts are the perfect example of casual chic, which you can show off at work or at play!
  • There is no perfect wardrobe without the quintessential white linen shirt, but we have plenty of colours on offer in our virtual aisles too.
  • Prints and patterns come out to play in our shirt collections too and for the true connoisseur, we offer hand embroidered shirts as well.

Pick from Men’s Linen Pants to pair comfort with style

No wardrobe is considered complete without the right bottom wear – no matter how fluid the silhouettes of your shirt, unless you team it with a perfectly tailored pair of pants, there is no way that you will be able to project that aura of quiet confidence that you are always aiming for. Presenting to you, our collection of linen trousers for men, where you get to create a wardrobe that has harmonious matches for every shirt, top, and kurta you own!

  • The professional in you will surely appreciate the structured look of our chinos and pure linen pants that come in so many colours and sizes.
  • The traveller in you is sure to fall in love with the sheer comfort that you can enjoy in our linen travel pants.
  • The adventure lover in you will certainly appreciate the convenience of our jogger pants, which bring the practicality of cargos and the style element of joggers.

Keep the traditional tastes alive with our Linen Kurta Sets

For most occasions, a pair of well-fitting trousers and a tailored shirt might do, but there are some times in a year, when you want something a little more traditional. Whether it’s a festive occasion or a special event at home, there is something about linen kurtas for men, that can add not only a touch of glamour, but also classy elegance. We bring to you:

  • Short kurtas that are perfect to be worn with our linen pants or even our travel pants for that more laidback look.
  • Long kurtas that can be teamed either with pants or pyjamas for the more traditional and refined festive look.

There is a lot to pick and choose from in terms of colours, patterns, designs, and sizes – we are sure that more than one piece will catch your eye!

Casual cool to comfy chic - Linen Co-Ord Sets for all

There was once a time when matching was considered tacky, but when you know how to colour coordinate right, you can look truly splendid! You should check out the collection of linen co ord sets that are on offer at Linen Trail, because these show you how to get the coordinated look perfect, every time! And this is where you get a plethora of choices too – whether you want something funky chic like shorts and shirt or you want something a little more sophisticated and urbane like jogger pants and linen jackets, there is plenty to pick from.

  • The Matteo Co ord sets are perfect for vacations and those Sunday family brunches, where you want to be casual chic and high on comfort.
  • The linen jacket and jogger sets are so right for those Friday meetings or even when you are getting ready for travel.

Linen Jackets for men who want that dash of versatile

Perhaps one of the most underrated garment options for men has to be the jacket and most people might not even consider investing in a linen jacket. However, when you do pick one from our collection, we can guarantee you that it will become one of your most favourite pieces in your wardrobe. Here are just some reasons why you need to have linen jackets in your wardrobe:

  • It can instantly transform your look and the way your outfit comes across.
  • You can wear it literally over anything – shirt, t-shirt, even short kurtas.
  • It can help create that semi-formal look for the office, easily.
  • Choose a jacket, while travelling to keep yourself comfortable.

Keep it cool with linen shorts for men

There is something so light and breezy about shorts and when you choose linen shorts for men, you would have made the most incredible choice. Our shorts are designed to look great, while offering you the maximum comfort – whether you are planning to head off on a holiday or laze at home with friends, these shorts are just right for it all. We offer two types of linen shorts:

  • The Reed shorts come with drawstrings, allowing you to adjust the tightness of the shorts and are designed more on the lines of cargo pants, with multiple pockets.
  • The Dan shorts are the button up version and give you a more tailored and structured look.

Stylish women’s linen wear for the diva in you!

She wants to shatter those glass ceilings, but she wants to do it in style! She knows her mind and she knows how important it is to maintain luxurious comfort while doing it all! That is why, she is choosing linen for her wardrobe and she is picking Linen Trail because she knows that this is where you get the finest linen clothing for women!

We understand that the woman of today is constantly on the move and she needs a wardrobe that can not only keep up with her, but also allow her complete comfort. There is a plethora of options to pick from – whether it is formal wear or casual wear; in terms of colours and designs, we are sure that even the most particular shoppers will find something to excite them!

Chic and classy linen tops for women

When you see our collection of absolutely stunning linen tops for women, you will realise how there is something for almost every occasion.

  • There are formal button-down shirts, which are great for office wear – whether you team them with linen trousers or tailored skirts, you can be sure of all the attention.
  • The crop tops are a good choice for formal and casual events and can be teamed easily with so many types of bottom wear.
  • Whether you want long sleeves, short sleeves or even sleeveless tops, you will be able to find it here.
  • And then there are plenty of interesting and unique design options available too – from collars to round necks and more!

Team it right with the most stylish linen trousers for ladies

The perfect top will have no value unless you have the right bottom wear to match it with and we at Linen Trail have you covered, because we bring to you a wide range of linen trousers for women. These trousers are designed to keep you looking stylish and feeling extremely comfortable, no matter how long you wear them. Every pair comes with pockets, adding that touch of practicality, and these handcrafted pieces of perfection will become the pride and joy of your wardrobe.

  • Wide legged and tapered pants
  • Variety of colours – from dark to light shades
  • Multiple sizes – from 28” waist, all the way up to 38”

Layer up with our lovely linen jackets for women

There is so much that you can do with a stylish jacket – you can dress it up or even dress it down, when you have the right linen jacket! We bring you a huge array of linen jackets for women, which are designed to look super trendy and feel incredibly comfortable.

  • The design has been kept simple with the intention of being extremely versatile.
  • The colours are handpicked to blend in with a variety of other clothing options.
  • Multiple sizes and patterns on offer for the most discerning of our shoppers.
  • Boardroom to beach party – these jackets will work everywhere!

Lounge easy in a linen co ord set for women

For all those times, when you just don’t want to put in the effort of curating an outfit, our linen co ord sets for women will come to rescue! You can find coord sets for all occasions – there is something for the office and there is something that is vacation ready too! And when we say that we have plenty to choose from, we kid you not:

  • The full coord sets come with a long sleeved shirt and full trousers
  • There are sleeveless tops and wide legged trousers combo
  • The beach ready shorts and top combo
  • The diva like sleeveless top and skirt coord set

Carefully curated looks for you – presenting our Linen Wardrobe Collection

For the modern man, who encapsulates style and the epitome of elegance, there is much to choose from Linen Trail, but for those rare occasions, where the creative mind fails to create the ideal combinations, we present our Pure Linen Wardrobe Collection. A carefully curated collection of formal and casual wear for a range of occasions, these outfits go beyond being just ordinary co ord sets. These are handpicked to compliment your informal spirit, while maintaining that look of command.

  • Linen jackets with jogger co ord sets
  • Shirt with shorts co ord sets
  • Short sleeve shirts with white linen trousers
  • Long sleeve shirts with black trousers

Festive gifting with our Linen Gift Box

Gifting can be a tough task, especially when you are never sure what will be the right choice. But when you have the option of the 100% Pure White Linen Fabric Gift Box, your gifting needs are actually sorted. The 2 metres of pure, unadulterated white fabric can be customised in so many ways, offering the recipient the choice of getting something truly bespoke created. The fabric can be used to create anything from a shirt to a pair of comfy shorts, or perhaps a well fitting linen kurta that will be so useful for the festive season or even something snazzy like a vest!

Fresh off the press - New Arrivals

As a brand that is anything but ordinary, we understand the need to stay relevant and while loving the planet, as much as loving fashion is one part of that thought process, so is bringing something new. At Linen Trail, our design team is always on the lookout for inspiration and they constantly have their finger on the fashion pulse. Inspiration can strike from anywhere and everywhere, which is why, there is always something new and interesting to check out in our collections. Keep checking our New Arrivals section, because you never know when something laudable and luxurious might have landed!

Keeping it sustainable with our Rescue and Relove products

At Linen Trail, we offer more than just our fresh products – we are constantly looking at ways to give back to the planet. That is how the idea of Rescue and Relove came about.

Do you have a piece of linen clothing that you have feel you have worn a fair few times, but is still in good enough shape for someone else to wear? Or is there something that you bought on a whim, but never really used? Why not sell it to declutter your wardrobe, make some money and ensure that the clothes don’t end up in landfill. With our Relove program, you can buy or sell preloved clothes and give them a new lease of life!

And then there are those clothes, our pure linen shirts, trousers, shorts and kurtas and more, that might not get a 100% clean chit from our quality assurance team. Maybe a button is not sewn right or there is a stray thread on the inseam; but we still believe in a second lease of life, and these clothes will go into our Rescue bin. These never used clothes might just be the breath of fresh air that your wardrobe needs!

The right way of taking care of your linen

Although linen is a very sturdy fabric, there are some precautions that you need to take, while washing your linen.

  • Make sure that you wash lights and darks separately.
  • Use lukewarm water and a gentle machine setting to wash your clothes.
  • Choose a really gentle detergent.
  • Tumble dry at a low temperature and remove from the dryer, while still slightly moist, or the garment might become too stiff.
  • Although starching is not compulsory, those who like that crisp look can consider the same.

This is Linen Trail - Discover Quiet Sustainable Luxury with us

We take pride in being a family-run organisation and our entire team, which includes our talented designers, deft darzees, experienced tailors and quality control team. Our sole aim remains to handcraft some of the most versatile, lightweight essentials for your wardrobe that are not only easy to maintain for you but also better for the planet.

We chose linen, not only because it is one of the most elegant, sophisticated and regal fabrics in the world, but also because it is truly sustainable. Our endeavour is to reintroduce this classic fabric to the world, in a way that is modern and in time with the global fashion trends. And although we do not believe in fast fashion, we do stay firm on our promise to keep you looking fashionable at all times!

A thought for the planet too

There are people who would talk about cotton being good for the planet, but the fact remains that cotton has become a part of the fast fashion crowd. Cultivation of cotton consumes an immense amount of water and to ensure better harvest, a range of chemical pesticides and fertilisers are used, which eventually seep down into the soil and pollute the water table.

Linen, however, on the other hand, is an extremely sturdy, robust and environment-friendly crop that needs little to no attention and definitely not as much water as cotton. In addition to that, the processes that we follow at Linen Trail are keeping in mind the planet – we believe in zero wastage, which is why all excess fabric gets converted into upcycled accessories. Our Resell and Rescue programs allow you to buy and sell preloved products and those which have minutely missed the quality check.


  • Will these linen shirts shrink?
    We ensure that our fabric is pre-washed and this allows for whatever shrinkage has to happen, happens at this stage. This way, we are able to make sure that the garments do not shrink post usage.
  • Do I need to iron my linen pants?
    This is a choice that is totally up to you – if you like that well-ironed, perfectly pleated look, then you can iron your linen pants – remember to spray some water while ironing. Alternatively, if you like a carefully careless, easy-going look, then simply wash, flat dry and wear.
  • Can my linen jackets be washed in the machine?
    Yes, all our clothes are machine washable – remember to use a very mild detergent and a gentle cycle. If you are tumble drying your clothes, use a low temperature setting and remove before completely dry. It would also be best to wash light colours separately from dark ones too.
  • Do you offer only full sleeve shirts for men?
    We offer linen full sleeved shirts as well as half sleeve shirts, kurtas and t-shirts.
  • Why are linen kurtas so expensive?
    Linen cultivation is not like cotton, which means that it cannot be mass produced. Also, the manufacturing process is long and laborious. All these factors combine to make linen clothing expensive. However, linen is also one of the most durable fabrics that you can find, making your investment truly worthwhile.
  • Why should one wear linen clothes – any advantages?
    There are several benefits to wearing linen – from being highly breathable to hypoallergenic. Moreover, linen adjusts to your body, so every crease that appears is actually in tandem with the folds and structure of your body, making it one of the most comfortable choices.
  • Is linen better than cotton?
    Yes, linen is better than cotton in more ways than one – for starters, cotton is mass produced and is a thirsty crop, which also needs chemical pesticide and fertilisers. Production of cotton at mass levels is not an eco-friendly process either. Linen on the other hand is one of the most sustainable fabrics in the world.
  • Are linen full sleeved shirts more durable than cotton?
    If you take proper care of your linen shirts, they will last you almost a lifetime!
  • Does your women’s collection have coord sets?
    Yes, we bring to you stylish and elegant looking women’s linen coord sets - from tops and shorts, to those with skirts and pants.
  • How can you tell if linen is real?
    Real linen has plenty of natural creases and will get softer over time and washes. While the fabric will look sturdy, it is actually quite gentle to the touch.
  • Does linen come only in one colour?
    Linen naturally comes in beige or a slightly grey colour, but it is easy to dye it in whatever colours needed. As a matter of fact, at Linen Trail, you will get to see a huge selection in terms of colours.
  • What is considered the best quality linen?
    European flax is considered one of the best in the world and that is the only flax that we use at Linen Trail.