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      Linen Shorts

      Find the comfiest linen shorts for men at Linen Trail

      There are some occasions when you are expected to dress up and for those times, you will want a crisp linen shirt that is well ironed and a matching pair of trousers that fit you perfectly. But then there are some situations when you want to dress down and just relax. When you are looking to let loose all your worries and stress and for times like those, there is nothing better than a pair of linen shorts for men. In the past few years, there has been a new found love towards shorts and more and more men are now looking to pick them for their comfort and style element too. If you too are in the market for shorts, we suggest that you check out the Linen Trail.

      Why choose only pure linen shorts

      Quite obviously, there will be those who would ask us why buy linen shorts for men, especially when there are so many other materials on offer. Dry fit is easy to wash and dries almost immediately, cotton is just as comfortable, so why make the investment only in pure linen shorts? There are actually plenty of reasons why you should choose linen – first and foremost, this is probably one of the best fabrics around. Not only is it better than cotton, because it is a lot more sustainable, it is also easier to cultivate and harvest. Moreover, linen becomes softer and better with every wash, unlike cotton and when you choose linen, you are making the better choice for your wardrobe and the planet.

      How you can style high waisted linen shorts

      • Perhaps the easiest way to style our linen shorts is to team it up with some gorgeous looking linen short sleeve shirts, which you can find quite easily at Linen Trail.
      • Another good idea to create that easy breezy look would be to team the shorts with a well-fitting T-shirt.
      • Although a lot of people might not consider it, you can wear long sleeve shirts with shorts too – but remember to roll up the sleeves to create that cool casual look.
      • Your footwear and accessories will also play a part – whether you choose to wear sneakers or floaters, moccasins or even boots, remember to keep it stylish and cool!

      The vacation look comes easy with mens knee length linen shorts

      If you are headed for a vacation, then there is nothing better than our mens pure linen shorts – these are the perfect length to keep you feeling comfortable when you are on the move and have sufficient pockets for all your knick-knacks. Whether you need a pocket for your keys or your phone, a small bottle of sanitizer or the map of the theme park you are exploring, you will find spaces for it all! And then there is the fact that these come in so many colours and sizes – no matter what it is that you are looking for, chances are that you will get it here. From the traditional ecru and khaki to the more vibrant sienna red and Russian blue, there is plenty to choose from. And in case you are looking to travel light, you can just pack a few shorts, a few short sleeve shirts and then mix and match to create so many looks!

      How to take care of mens pure linen shorts

      • Wash in lukewarm or cold water – you can hand wash or machine wash. If you are machine washing, then use a gentle cycle.
      • Remember to use a gentle or mild cleaning agent; nothing with very harsh or strong chemicals, because that could affect the fibres.
      • Use a gentle dryer cycle or tumble dry at a low temperature setting.
      • Ideally, you should lay the shorts down flat to dry, rather than hanging them up. You could clip the linen shorts for men up to the clothes line at the waist, which will help reduce the creasing.
      • Starch is not really needed, but if you want, you can – we suggest that you enjoy the soft raw feel of linen.
      • Ironing is also not a must, but if you like that crisp look, you can, but remember to iron them while they are still slightly damp or spray some water.

      Why buy Men linen shorts at Linen Trail

      There will be those who would think why should we buy men linen shorts at Linen Trail, especially since there are other brands that are also offering the same. The fact is that the quality of linen that you get at our store is unmatchable! We use the highest grade of linen, which assures you utmost comfort and maximum value for money. So, when you buy shorts from us and you take care in the manner that we have suggested, you will be able to use these shorts for the longest time.


      1. Are these linen shorts suitable for the beach?

      These shorts are perfect for anywhere, including the beach. If you are wearing these mens knee length linen shorts to the beach and getting them wet, we would suggest that you just rinse them out with normal water, because the sea salt could damage the colour.

      2. Do all the shorts come with buttons?

      Our Reed collection comes with drawstrings, while the Dan collection has a single button.

      3. How many pockets do these linen shorts have?

      Our Reed collection has been designed more on the lines of cargo pants, which means that you get 6 pockets in them. However, the Dan collection is a little more traditional and has 4 pockets.

      4. What are the sizes that you offer in these shorts?

      Our shorts come in sizes 30 and all the way up to 40!

      5. Can I wear these shorts at home?

      You can wear these shorts wherever you want! They are so comfortable that you will want to wear them all the time!