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      Women’s Linen Coord Sets

      Women's Linen Coord Sets

      Complete the style files with our linen co ord sets for women

      Technically, the coord set has been around for a while – after all, what is a coord set? It is an outfit that comes as a set and the multiple parts of the outfit are coordinated. However, in recent times, the co ord set has become a trend and the more modern avatars of the same are becoming quite popular with men and women. At Linen Trail, we like to stay in touch with global fashion trends and it should come as no surprise that we are now offering the most stylish and comfortable co ord set for women.

      When you come to Linen Trail, you can be sure that every outfit that you pick will be the perfect combination of class and comfort – the pure European linen that we utilise to handcraft each of our garments will offer you complete comfort, ensuring that your skin is able to breathe through the harshest of summers. And then there is the fact that linen is the epitome of quiet luxury – when you want an outfit that talks volumes about class, without being too loud, linen is what you will want to choose.

      Browse through our collection of linen co-ord sets for ladies and you will see how luxurious simple elegance can be! There is something for every occasion and everyone!

      The sheer abundance of gorgeous women's co ord set at Linen Trail

      • Co-ord pant sets – When you check out our co ord pant sets, you will see gorgeously structured, slightly wide legged pants, which work so well with matching-coloured tops. You can choose from an effortless sleeveless top to go with the pants or you can pick a formal looking button-down shirt. These are great for the office and for any formal meetings, where you want a more serious look.
      • Co-ord skirt sets – So, when there is a skirt and a top that matches and works well as a combination, it would be a co ord dress for women that has that perfect touch of feminine! There is something so feminine about a skirt and when you see our pure linen skirt and top set, you will see just that. It is easy to find tops that come with long skirts and short ones, and you can pick the one that works best for you and your occasion!
      • Co-ord shorts sets – When you want that holiday ready look; there is no better option than our short co ord sets! There is something so cool and casual about this look that you will want to pick these even when you plan to simply lounge around at home. The structured top comes with a pair of easy fitting shorts and this look is perfect for when you are at a pool party or at a beach side resort!

      Make the right choice from our collection of stylish co ord sets

      • Start with the size – You need to make sure that you pick as per size, because only with the right size, will your look feel great. Too tight and you will feel constricted and too loose and you will find yourself floating inside. Make sure that you check the size guide and pick the right size.
      • Occasion matters – You can’t wear shorts to work and a button-down shirt and full trousers will not work for the beach. So, occasion matters, which is why you need to shop for the occasion. You can however, pick outfits with the intention of styling as per your specific needs too.
      • The co ord combo – It is important to remember that a co ord set could come into plenty of permutations and combinations – tops with shorts, tops with trousers, button down shirts with skirts; so, you need to makes sure that you pick a set that will work for you. You can choose based on your personal preference or requirement.
      • Size up the sleeve – Although several offices allow sleeveless as part of their dress code, some women might prefer the more conservative look and want something full sleeved. So, pay attention to the sleeve of the linen co ord set that you are considering and given that at Linen Trail, you will find options of all types, making the choice should become easier.
      • Colour schemes – Browse the stores and you will find a range of colours, prints and patterns in women's co ord set, and while many of these might be suitable for regular or casual wear, when you want to create a quiet statement of luxury, monochrome would be the way to go. Linen Trail offers you the most elegant colours in our collection of linen co-ord sets for ladies.

      Style your linen co ord set right, every time!

      Half the trick of looking good in a women's cord set is styling it right – while our options are crafted to create a sense of awe, how you wear them and how you choose to accessorise will make a lot of difference too.

      • For the office - When you pick our full sleeve button down shirt and trousers coord set, you know you have a winner for your office. A simple string of pearls or a small chain around the neck, a classy watch and some strappy heels are all that you will need for a winning workplace look.
      • For those important meetings - Our sleeveless top and pant coord sets are perfect for those days when you have to slay! These are designed to offer summer comfort, and give you that look of complete sophistication. If you want to add a layer, you can pick a linen jacket and you will be all set to win over in those all-important business meetings.
      • For a day out with friends – Even when you are meeting up with your best friends, you want to make sure that you dress to make an impact and our top and skirt will be the perfect option. Whether you wear some classy sandals or heels, remember to accessorise your wrists, because the sleeveless top can offer you the perfect canvas.
      • For a holiday jaunt – When you are off on a holiday, you want something that is fuss free, fun and classy too, and our shorts and top will be a really cool choice. The top has a short sleeve which is perfect the summers and the shorts will give you that ease of movement and that lazy leisure!


      • Are linen co-ord sets expensive?
        At Linen Trail, we bring to you quiet luxury – you will be paying for high quality, which will last you a really long time.
      • What kind of linen co ord set will be best for a beach vacation?
        Why don’t you check out our shorts and top co ord sets, which are designed to offer you stylish comfort on your holidays!
      • What are the different co ord sets offered at Linen Trail?
        At Linen Trail, you will be able to pick and choose from a wide range of co ord sets – from formal shirt and pants to super casual tops and shorts, there is plenty to choose from.
      • How do I select my right size for linen co ord set?
        We have a size guide that you can follow; however, you will need to make sure that you measure your bust, shoulder, waist and hips.
      • What is the difference between a women's co-ord set and a tracksuit?
        Co ord sets are normally more tailored and fitted and created for casual and even formal wear; while tracksuits are designed to be more in line for working out.
      • Is it easy to maintain these linen women’s co ord sets?
        Linen Trail garments are easy to use and maintain – you can even machine wash them!