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      Linen Travel Pants

      Travel easy with Mens linen travel pants

      There are pants and then there are the pure linen pants for men that you can find at Linen Trail! We are reasonably sure that once you have tried something from our collection of stylish, super comfortable and sustainable clothing, you will not want to go back to any other brand. Let’s talk about our linen travel pants for instance – these are tailored to offer you the most comfortable travel experience, even when you are not travelling! yes, we call them travel pants, but there is no real restriction as to how and where all you can wear them. Our promise to you is that they will look super stylish, every time you wear them and you will feel super comfortable in them, no matter how long a day you have in them!

      Linen travel pants for comfort and style

      If you are new to the world of Linen Trail and you have never tried on a pair of trousers from our collection of perhaps a linen shirt, you might wonder why you should actually pick a pair for yourself with any sense of urgency. Well, allow us to properly introduce our collection of linen travel pants:

      • For starters, each pant is made only with the highest quality linen, the material for which is handpicked.
      • Once master cutters have made the perfect cuts, each pant is hand stitched to ensure uniqueness as well perfect fitting.
      • What makes our linen travel pants men's collection so much more special is the elasticated sides, which offer a higher level of comfort, which is what you will want when you are on the move.
      • The addition of the drawstrings ensure that you can adjust the pant as per your need – so before travelling, if you want a snug fit, its possible and during your travel, make it looser to allow ease of sitting.
      • Because linen becomes softer with each wash, these mens linen pants for travel will become your absolute favourites.
      • And then there is the fact the pants come with 4 pockets for everything that you might need to carry while travelling – phones, keys and whatnot!

      Super cool Linen travel pants men's collection from Linen Trail

      Now that we have told you what makes our mens linen travel pants so right for your wardrobe, let us tell you a little bit more!

      • The linen that we use to stitch our pants and everything else too, is truly sustainable and eco-friendly – linen is actually so much better than cotton, because it is better for your skin and for our planet!
      • Because linen is one of the most breathable fabrics in the world, it is a good choice no matter what the weather – so, while our Linen Theo Travel Pants for Men are perfect for the summers, they will also ensure that your skin is protected during the colder months too!
      • Our linen is also antibacterial, which is why our travel pants are so perfect for travelling; after all, you can’t sanitise your whole body!
      • Being hypoallergenic, our men's casual linen pants are perfect for even those who might have sensitive skin or are prone to rashes and allergies from certain fabrics and materials.
      • And then there is the fact that our linen is highly adaptable – what others might see as wrinkles and creases are actually the fabric adapting to the folds of your body.

      Super easy styling with Linen Theo Travel Pants

      And just in case you thought that our collection of Linen Theo Travel Pants for Men were meant only for travelling, think again! Here are some ways in which you can use our travel pants:

      • The most obvious use, as the name suggests is while travelling – with the elasticated sides and the drawstrings, you can adjust them as per your comfort while travelling. We suggest adding a comfortable linen half sleeve shirt and perhaps a really cool linen short jacket with sneakers! It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling by road, air or rail, these pants will keep you comfortable all day long and you can even sleep in them!
      • These linen travel pants will also become your favourite outing pants, because they are so easy to move in and the pockets make it cool and practical. Whether you are going on a supermarket run or are planning a movie and mall trip, these pants are a good choice.
      • And in case you thought that these pants were only meant for the casual events, you can simply add a linen kurta that covers the upper part of the pant, and it will give you the look of perfectly tailored pants!
      • As a matter of fact, the khaki and teal blue Linen Theo Travel Pants are suitable for casual Fridays at office too – team them with a really cool looking long sleeved linen shirt, with the sleeves rolled up and you have that perfectly semi-casual look that everyone will want to replicate!


      • Is any fabric blend used to make these mens linen travel pants?
        Absolutely not! Our brand uses only pure linen to hand craft every outfit that we offer. All our linen travel pants are made using high grade linen, which is breathable and hypoallergenic.
      • What are the colour options on offer in Linen Theo Travel Pants?
        Currently, we offer our Linen Theo Travel Pants in 4 colours – Khaki, White, Teal Blue and Rust.
      • But linen creases so quickly? Will these pants not look shabby in minutes?
        That is what linen such a wonderful fabric. So, the fabric is actually adaptable - the creases appear as a reaction to your body, offering an incredible level of comfort.
      • Can I use these pants for office?
        Of course! The khaki linen travel pants will remind you of typical linen chinos for men, which are great for office.
      • Is the drawstring for show?
        No, the drawstrings allow you to tighten or loosen the pants as per your comfort – that is why these pants are such good travel companions!