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      Linen Jackets

      Welcome to the world of awesome Linen Jackets for Men

      When you come to Linen Trail, you can be rest assured that this is the place where you will be able to find pretty much anything and everything that you need to build a truly comprehensive wardrobe. When you are building a new wardrobe or you are simply refurbishing it with more than just the essentials, whether you are looking to pick clothes that will work really well for your office or you want something a lot more casual and fun, this could easily be your one stop shop! We bring to you clothes that are created using really good quality linen, which when taken proper care of, will last you pretty much a lifetime. This is also the place where you will want to come to when you are looking for stylish and classy mens linen jackets. Handcrafted to perfection, these jackets will add another layer to your style statement!

      Find linen Jackets for every occasion

      Although most people feel that jackets are too casual, one look at our linen jackets for men and you will surely change your mind! Our range of jackets have been designed to be truly versatile. This means that no matter your occasion, you can wear our men linen jackets – all you need to do is style them with a little though. So, when you wear a jacket with a full sleeved shirt, you are adding an air of subtle casual to a formal or semi formal occasion. Team the same jacket with a shirt with short sleeves, and you are adding that layer of sophistication to a completely casual look! Given that you will be able to find our jackets in several colours only adds to the charm and will surely want to make you shop for more.

      Mens Linen Jackets for everyone

      When we say that we have men linen jackets for everyone, we kid you not! Whether you are wanting boys linen jackets that is bright and youthful or you want something that is more suitable for a more distinguished age, you will be able to find it all. Our jackets are all tailored in such a manner that they will look great on everyone and every type of body. All you need to do is team it with the right shirt and the right trousers and you are ready to rock and roll!

      Here is just a little more about our collection of jackets:

      Presenting our men linen short jackets

      Our collection of short linen jackets is perfect for those casual outings to the movies or dinner dates. These jackets can be worn quite easily on top of short sleeve shirts for a look that is cool and comfortable. You can pick and choose from several colours and there are more than a few designs to browse through as well.

      Showcasing our linen long jackets for men

      When you want something that is a little more serious looking and can give the image of a casual blazer, you might want to check out our linen long jackets for men. These are designed to elevate your style game, while keeping you feeling comfortable and protecting the planet as well! After all linen is the better option in terms of sustainability, as compared to several other fabrics, including cotton.

      Summer cool with our mens summer linen jackets

      When summers come calling, you want something that is cool and comfortable, but doesn’t compromise with style. At such times you don’t want to pick cotton linen jackets; rather you want to pick something from our collection of linen jackets for summer, which are better for you and for the planet. Linen can keep you cool during summers and offer you that touch of warmth, during the colder months, making it the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

      Chic and casual linen jackets for men

      The reason we call our linen jackets chic is because they are – whether you look at the colours or the designs, whether you look at the silhouettes or you look at the interesting collar designs, there is literally nothing that is not to like in these jackets! These men linen jackets are crafted to grab attention and will make you look stylish, without having to put in too much of an effort. Whether you have a completely casual event or want to dress up just a little bit for a dinner, these jackets are a good option for you.

      The legacy of our Linen Jackets men's

      Why should you purchase mens linen jackets from Linen Trail, one would ask – to that we would say, because they are not only perfectly tailored, but are also crafted from the finest quality linen. Linen is not only one of the sturdiest fabrics in the world, it is also the oldest and most regal. There was once a time in history, when linen would be handed down from one generation to another; perhaps now, you could consider doing the same – hand your jacket down to the next generation!


      • Do you have multiple colours in your jackets?
        Yes, you will be able to pick from white linen jackets to black linen jackets to blue linen jackets and so much more!
      • Are all the collars on your jackets the same?
        There are several types of collars in our jackets – from regular ones to cutaway ones and even mandarin collar style – you can pick and choose the ones that capture your attention.
      • Are there zippers on your jackets?
        No, our linen jackets come with buttons.
      • Are these jackets meant for all seasons?
        You can used our linen jackets for summer, winter and every season in between!