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      Linen Co-ord Sets

      Easy luxury with Linen co ord sets for men at Linen Trail

      There is a reason why the modern man, one who knows and understands fashion and one who is not willing to compromise with style or comfort, comes to shop at Linen Trail. This is not only the place where you can find some of the finest quality linen, but also where you can pick and choose from the classiest looking clothes. When we say that we are always on point with the latest trends, we kid you not. Check out our collection of linen co ord set for men and you will see exactly what we mean! Crafted keeping in mind the modern man, who wants to look cool and feel cool at the same time, these co ord sets are a great choice. Our men's pure linen cord set are perfect for summers – the shorts give you that easy breezy look and the matching shirt is just what you need to pull the look off. These are perfect for all body types and given that we offer these in plenty of colour combinations, we are sure that you will find something that you really like.

      Men's Pure Linen Cord Set that you will want to own!

      We are pretty sure that the moment you see our collection of mens summer co ords, you will want to pick at least one and when you have tried wearing it, you will want to come back and pick more. However, if you are a first-time buyer of co ord sets, there is a chance that you might not know how to go about it. Allow us to provide you with some insights!

      How to choose linen co ord set men

      • You need to choose a colour that works with your skin tone, unless you are willing to take the bold step of picking interesting colours!
      • The fit matters – even though this is considered to be casual wear, you need to pick something that works with your body type and compliments you.
      • Make sure that the co ord set that you pick is made of the best quality fabric, which is easy when you are shopping at Linen Trail.
      • Ensure that the size is correct for you and has enough ‘space’ for you to move with ease.

      How to style the linen co ord men sets

      • Styling our mens summer co ord set are super easy – because these come colour coordinated, you need not think about picking the right top or bottom; we have done that part for you.
      • You can most definitely play around with the footwear – from sneakers to floaters to sandals, these will work with pretty much anything you choose, and that choice can be made based on the occasion.
      • Whether you want to keep it simple with a watch or you want to jazz it up with all kinds of accessories – that is a choice that we leave to you!

      Why you need to have more than one mens summer co ord set

      There is something that is so comforting about our mens summer co ords – given that each one of them is handcrafted using the best quality linen, it offer you the kind of ease that you want during the summers. Linen by nature is a highly breathable fabric, which makes it an absolutely perfect choice for the summers. Moreover, because our co ord sets come with half sleeve shirts and shorts that end just around the knee, they are just what you need for those hot months.

      Now, there would be people who would say that having one linen co ord men set is more than enough, but truth be told, once you have gotten used to wearing our clothes, you will want to spend most of your time in them. And then there is the fact that these are perfect for so many occasions:

      • You can go to the movies dressed in these, because they are perfectly casual.
      • This is the perfect attire for a poolside party, because you can get your feet wet with ease.
      • Planning a day at the beach? What better than something from our collection of summer co ords mens collection.
      • What if we told you that you can pack these even for a wedding? Well, if there is a pre-wedding event, that is happening on a more casual level and during the day, you could most certainly pull the look off!

      We go beyond the traditional linen co ord mens collections

      In case you were thinking that our mens co ords summer sets was where we stopped, we would like to draw your attention to another style that we offer. Co-ord sets are all about bringing two or more pieces of your outfit in such a manner that they look great together, rather well-coordinated. So, we thought of putting our stylish jackets together with the super smart joggers to create another subset to our already popular co ord collection! Because we understand that the shirt and shorts co ord sets might not work for all occasion, we decided to add a touch of formal to the same option and hence was born our jacket and jogger co ord set collection.


      • What all colours are offered in your co ord sets?
        Currently, our shirt and short sets are offered in 4 fresh colours – yellow, green, mocha and dark blue. Our jacket and joggers sets come in ecru, shades of green and blue and one that has a denim look to it.
      • Do all the co ord sets come only with shorts?
        No, you will be able to find men's pure linen cord set options that come with jacket and joggers too.
      • I like denim, but you don’t have anything like that?
        We do have a denim linen jacket and jogger co ord set which will give you the denim look, but the comfort of linen!
      • Are there any co ord sets that can be worn to work?
        Oh yes, we have a range of men's pure linen cord set options that come with jackets and joggers, which are great for those casual days at work.