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      Women's Linen Trousers

      Women's Linen Trousers

      Complete your curated wardrobe with our linen trousers for women

      Finding a really cute top is one thing but finding the perfectly fitting trousers is often a task. The body of the woman is not an exact science, which is why a one size fits all will never work with them – any clothing has to be designed with a lot of care and attention to details. The hips need to feel comfortable and not strangled, the thighs should not feel any chafing, and the waist should look cinched in without creating those love handles! So you see, finding the right pair of trousers is not as easy as it might seem, which is why we at Linen Trail took our time to design our collection of women’s linen trousers with a lot of attention to detail.

      Take one look at our women’s linen trousers and you will see how close to perfection they are – whether you are looking for something that is truly fitted or you want something that flows over your body a lot more gently, we have crafted it for you. Whether you are looking for something that will work perfectly for your office wardrobe or you want something that you can wear whenever you are not in accordance with a dress code, at Linen Trail you will find it all!

      Brighten up your office wardrobe with our 100% linen pants for women

      Our collection of linen trousers for women has been designed keeping in mind the modern woman of today – she is one who knows what she wants and she is not willing to compromise on comfort or on style. However, when it comes to workwear, there are certain rules that even she needs to follow. For instance, if your office has a formal dress code, you will need formal tops, shirts, and of course, women’s linen pants.

      • Our selection of linen trousers has been created to work perfectly for formal wear – the straight fit as well as the flared pants are suitable for office.
      • We bring to you a variety of colours – this means whatever strokes your fancy and whatever works for the occasion, you will find it here.
      • There is a certain amount of seriousness in our collection, which means that they are perfect for formal wear. However, you can always cheer the outfit up by choosing topwear that is a little more fun.

      Travel in style with our ladies linen trousers

      If you thought that our trousers were meant only for office, think again, because our selection of ladies linen trousers has been created for every woman and every occasion. We have made sure that every pant in our collection offers you complete comfort and immense style – and while these pants are great for the office, you can also wear them everywhere else!

      • For instance, if you are planning to meet up with your friends for dinner, why not choose the Lara ladies linen pants which have such an element of fun! Team them with a vibrant top and you are ready to have some fun.
      • Our ladies linen trousers are really great for holidays as well – if you are headed to a beach or a hill station, you can consider our trousers and just mix and match with interesting tops to create the looks that are social media ready!
      • In case you are planning to head for a wedding where there are plenty of pre-wedding ceremonies, for the non-traditional ones, why not pair an ethnic top with our linen trousers?

      Our trousers have been designed to be so comfortable that you will want to wear them everywhere – from movies to lunch dates, from a festive event to just running around town!

      Why should you invest in women's linen pants?

      Now there will be those who would think that what is the need to invest specifically in women's linen pants, especially when there are so many other fabrics and materials on offer. However, once you have tried linen, and that too the type of pure linen that we at Linen Trail bring to you, we can guarantee you that you will not want to go back to any other material.

      • We offer 100% linen pants for women – we source the finest quality European linen and that is what is used to tailor these pants.
      • Our linen is pre-shrunk and pre-treated which means that there is no worry about shrinkage or colour bleeding.
      • Linen as a fabric is known to be highly breathable and has amazing moisture-wicking capabilities which means that these trousers are perfect for the summers.
      • Being a quiet luxury fabric, you can be rest assured that your linen is luxury redefined – you would be investing in quality which will last you much longer than cheaper quantity that you might be considering.
      • As long as you take care of your linen, these will last you several decades if not more!

      Caring for your women's linen pants is super easy!

      People often have the opinion that linen is very difficult to manage – however, if you actually knew how easy and uncomplicated linen is in terms of wash and care, you would want to live in linen!

      • You can choose to machine or hand wash your linen clothes – however, do remember to separate the lights and the darks. Even though our linen clothing will not bleed, there is nothing wrong with playing it safe!
      • There is no need to use hot water to wash these clothes – room temperature or at most tepid water is more than enough.
      • Do remember to use a mild cleaning agent – harsh detergents will make the fibers weak.
      • If you are using the machine, remember to set a gentle cycle, and the same for the dryer too.
      • You can lay the clothes flat in the shade to dry, and this should help reduce the creases.
      • While ironing of linen is not mandatory, you can choose to do so should you want. Same goes for starching; do it if you like that crisp and stiff look!


      • Is linen good for trousers?
        Absolutely! Linen trousers for women are classy, elegant, and comfortable.
      • What do you wear with linen trousers?
        That would depend on the type of look that you are going for. For a formal look, button-down shirts are ideal, while for a casual look, even an organic tee will look great.
      • What is the best color for linen pants?
        At Linen Trail, you can choose from a range of color options. Select the ones that you feel are the best for you!
      • Should linen pants fit loose?
        There is no such rule. We offer fitted as well as flared linen trousers for ladies. Choose what suits you best!
      • Do linen trousers need ironing?
        That is your choice. Linen will crease, and the wrinkles are what make linen special.
      • How long do linen pants last?
        With proper care, our linen pants for women will last you for a really long time!