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      The Pure Linen Wardrobe

      Explore the Pure Linen Wardrobe at Linen Trail

      At Linen Trail, we bring to you the widest range of pure linen garments and there is something there for everyone; when you browse through our collections, you will see that no matter the occasion, there is something that will work for sure. Whether you are looking for something that will work for your office or you want to get your outfits ready for your next holiday, at Linen Trail, we have it all.

      We ensure that our linen is 100% pure and made from high quality European flax and when that linen is put through a proper wash, you can be rest assured that it will not shrink and will be super soft and supremely comfortable. It is using this superior quality linen that all our garments are carefully crafted.

      Why choose from our curated co ord sets

      We know that we offer some amazing clothes for the modern man of today, and although you can always pick and choose based on your preference or requirement, there can be those moments of doubt. There is a confusion about how to mix and match and how to create the perfect combinations. In case you too find yourself slightly stumped at times, you can always come to our pure linen wardrobe, where we have created a collection that is sure to win you over. There is something for literally every occasion and when you are not sure about what to wear, you can just pick something from these options.

      Our team has put together looks that are classy and stylish and you get to pick the ones that work best for you. You can choose based on the colour palette or the occasion – whether you want something for the boardroom or something that is fit for the game room; there is plenty to pick from.

      Jacket jogger co ord set for the jet setter

      Let’s say you are off to the airport and want to travel in style, you are sure to like our jacket jogger co ord sets – you can team the set with a matching t-shirt or shirt underneath and you will be ready to fly! The joggers are the perfect amalgamation of casual and cool; so, while they give you that premium look, they are incredibly comfortable and even if you are in them the entire day, you will not feel any discomfort. The jacket is a great way to add a layer to the look; you can wear it or carry it for whenever needed.

      Vacation or party - Half sleeve shirts with white trousers for the win

      Whether you are off to a party or you are getting ready to take that much needed vacation, our collection of casual linen shirts teamed with the evergreen white linen trousers is going to be a sure shot winner. And if you thought that white trousers go only with a select few dark coloured shirts, think again. Rather we suggest that you take a look at our collection and see how these looks are curated – there is light on white, dark on white and even prints. Each of these looks will ooze that cool and breezy look that you want when you are letting your hair down.

      Full sleeve shirts with pure black trousers – slay the formal look

      You can never go wrong with pure black linen trousers, when you are trying to create that formal look. There is something powerful, yet subtle and understated about well fitted and well-tailored black trousers. And what these black trousers offer you is almost a blank canvas, because pretty much all colours work well with it. Whether you want to create that full formal look or want something that is semi-formal, there are options on offer at Linen Trail. Choose the pairing that entices you the most and get ready to slay the office look with ease and true comfort!

      Pick co ord sets for the fun young vibe

      What do you do when you want to be in that super lazy, super casual mood? You throw on a pair of super comfy shorts and a shirt or t-shirt. But when you have Linen Trail with you, even those super casual looks will have an element of style and the factor of sustainability. Welcome to the world of our trendy linen co ord sets, where modish fashion meets comfort. These colour coordinated sets come with shorts and shirts, which means that you need not worry about the combinations. Just throw one and all, get ready for a day of fun, with zero worries about the fabric causing any discomfort.


      What would you suggest for a job interview?

      For an interview, we would suggest that you go for a semi formal or completely formal look. You can pick something from black linen trouser with full sleeve shirt combinations.

      What is the benefit of choosing pure linen clothes?

      Pure linen is not only sustainable, but is also better for you – it is super soft and extremely comfortable. The fabric is naturally hypoallergenic and if taken care of, can last a really long time.

      Are there any options with jackets in your collections?

      You can pick linen jackets for men or you can pick something from our jacket jogger co ord set options. These come with jackets.

      Do you have only these curated sets of clothing?

      Of course not; at Linen Trail, we bring to you a huge collection of linen shirts, trousers, shorts and more. We invite you to browse through our collections and pick what you like.

      Are items from your pure linen wardrobe suitable for older men too?

      There is no age limit for who can wear our clothes – rather, we are confident that the more mature audience will appreciate the quality of the fabric and the stitching.