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      Linen Short Sleeve Shirts

      Be summer ready with linen short sleeves shirts from Linen Trail

      When summers come calling, the last thing you want is to be in clothes that are too clingy or too uncomfortable. This is why, during the summer months, many will prefer to wear short sleeved linen shirts for men, not only because it is more comfortable, but also because it is the sensible choice. While full sleeved might be the only choice for formal occasions, keep the half sleeve handy for all the other times. And should you choose linen, you would have made the better choice, because not only is it more breathable, but also hypoallergenic and better for the planet too!

      Here’s why you need linen half sleeve shirts from Linen Trail

      There could be people who would think why is there a need for short sleeve linen shirts in one’s wardrobe. The fact is that the short sleeved linen casual shirts for men are a great addition and can be used for more occasions than one. The benefit with short sleeved shirts is that you can use them in so many ways – you can team them with formal pants and they will give you the perfect semi-formal look that works for the office. Team the same shirt with jeans or linen trousers and you will have the look that screams vacation!

      How to pick half sleeves linen shirts for men from Linen Trail

      • Figure out your exact size first – this you can do via trial or you can get yourself measured. Once you know your exact size, it will become easier. And just in case the shirt doesn’t fit you the way you want, you can request for an exchange.
      • Look through all the colours on offer at Linen Trail we offer you so many colours that you just might feel a little overwhelmed. However, if you are starting to build your wardrobe, we suggest that you go with all the basic colours in the first lot – whites, beige, navy and black.
      • You can also choose to pick at least one or two linen trousers or linen shorts as well, so that you can create that look that you want to.

      How to create that perfect look with Linen Shirts Half Sleeve for men

      • Choose a vibrant coloured short sleeves linen shirt and team it with lighter coloured linen pants and you are ready for a lunch date.
      • Pick a white linen shirt and pair it with black linen pants and you are set to go to your kid’s school event.
      • A black half sleeve linen shirt paired with beige shorts are a super idea for when you are heading to the beach or are on a summer vacation.
      • Our half-sleeve linen shirts for men work a treat for the boardroom as well – team it with formal pants and add a formal jacket.

      Why Should You Add mens half sleeve linen shirts to your wardrobe

      There is a reason why linen has been around for such a long time – not only is it one of the most natural fibers, it is also the most sustainable. Unlike cotton, there is no need for excessive irrigation, chemical pesticides or fertilisers; linen is much easier to grow and is so much more robust. When you first wear a men’s linen shirt short sleeve, you will see what the fuss is all about – it is super easy to wear and even if you have to keep it on for the entire day, there will be no discomfort. When you choose to shop at Linen Trail, you can be assured of the quality of the fabric and the variety in terms of colours, prints and designs. Pick a range of shirts to match with trousers, shorts and more and create a complete wardrobe!

      • Why should I shop at Linen Trail?
        Linen Trail is one of the leading brands offering designer shirts for men in linen. Our dedication remains towards offering you only the best product. We utilize the best quality linen to create all our designs – each shirt, trouser, short and jacket we offer is a true labour of love.
      • Is linen suitable for only the summers?
        Absolutely not – linen has immense breathability, making it suitable for the summer months. However, linen also has regulatory properties, which means that during the colder months, it can help keep you warm.
      • Is this fabric suitable for people who have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies?
        Our linen is hypoallergenic, which means that it is suitable for people who have sensitive skin or allergies.
      • Do all the shirts in your collection look similar?
        When you browse through our linen collection for men online, you will realise how exclusive it is. As they say, the devil is in the details and that is what you will see in our shirts too – collars will vary, the manner in which the pocket is designed, the buttons, even embroidery; there is something a little different about each shirt.
      • Do you have only plain or block coloured shirts?
        Our designers are constantly creating new designs, which include prints, patterns and colour blocked options. When you shop at Linen Trail, you will find an exclusive and extensive selection of linen half sleeves shirts.