When creative minds, artistic hands and those with a dream connected – Linen Trail was born. A family based startup, we craft luxurious 100% pure linen pieces sustainably, for men.

One of the most timeless fabrics ever, linen exudes luxury, confidence, charisma and leadership; which are the emotions we want to evoke in its wearers.


Thoughtfully designed and painstakingly made by local artisans all over India, we believe in sustainable slow fashion and mindful consumption.

Our clothing is comfortable, breathable, stylish and most importantly, made to last.


Our clothing is expertly designed and this is the base of all our linen shirts


This might seem like a simple task, but our team takes their time to make sure the fabric is the perfect match for the design


Our super-sharp darzees have a keen sense of attention to detail when creating patterns


The cutting master cuts the fabrics with precision


The tailors begin the painstaking process of hand-stitching each shirt


A self-explanatory process, our tailors precisely sew on the buttons to the garment


Our quality control executive examines every minute detail to make sure the garment is just perfect


Yep, before packing our garments, we press them to keep them crisp.


We focus on working with the world's finest most versatile fabric - 100% pure linen. We hand-craft the world's best linen pieces with the perfect fit, finish and fall.


Our vision statement encompasses our values and beliefs. We strive to conduct our business in a manner that reflects this vision: “At Linen Trail, we embrace creative leadership, innovative teamwork and a winning spirit to be the best for the benefit of our consumers and our planet”


We believe that what we wear is an expression of oneself. We celebrate 100% pure linen by crafting apparel for men with thoughtful designs sustainably.








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About Linen Trail – Our love for pure linen and more

The story behind the birth of Linen Trail

What happens when a dream meets the hands and minds of those who can make that dream a reality? A brand like Linen Trail is born! The story of the brand is actually a simple one – a family had a dream of bringing luxurious linen pieces that are crafted to perfection; they wanted to ensure that the brand remained sustainable, and that there was no compromise on terms like luxury and style. 

In order to make the dream a reality, they located some of the finest creative minds and the most talented and artistic hands and it was the collaboration of all these people that led to the creation of what the brand is today. 

Why linen trail?

Linen has been around for centuries and to date, is considered one of the most timeless fabrics; but in the world of fast fashion, it got slightly lost. Having understood the true glory of this fabric, we decided that it was time to embark on a journey, a trail to rekindle the luxury and charm that linen can bring to your wardrobe.

Eventually, our aim became to offer an entire range of men’s wear, made using superior quality linen that exudes not only style, but also provides a sense of charisma and confidence to anyone who wears them. Every garment that you see in our store has been hand-crafted to perfection; extreme care is taken at every step to assure that what you purchase is truly flawless. 

The process behind the linen wardrobe essentials

We are strong believers in slow fashion and mindful consumption – just because something can be mass produced and comes at dirt cheap costs does not make it necessarily better. You might think that changing out your wardrobe, every month might be fashion forward, but have you taken that one moment to think about what happens with what you discard?

Our aim remains to produce clothes that are fashionable, in keeping with modern trends, yet sustainable, long lasting and better for our planet. To achieve that, we brought together several talented and experienced local artisans to create clothing that is cool, comfortable and classy. Here is a look into our process:

  • Our design team keeps a finger on domestic and international fashion trends and those designs are what lay the foundation of every linen shirt, kurta, trouser and shorts that we offer.
  • Although a simple task on paper, choosing the absolute perfect match for each design is perhaps what takes the most time, because we want perfection, every single time.
  • The creation of the pattern with absolute precision on the fabric ensures that the foundation for a perfect final product is laid.
  • There is a reason why our cutting master is called so – every cut is deft and exact.
  • It is now that our tailors start the painstaking process of hand stitching every garment and even the buttons are added with care.
  • Every garment that is created has to pass the scrutiny of our quality control executives, before being considered worthy of our patrons.
  • And right before we pack our garments, we ensure that they are ironed to a crisp perfection!

What makes our linen clothes for men so special

  • Linen is naturally hypoallergenic and to add to that, we do not use any harsh chemicals to treat our fabric, making this the perfect choice for everyone, including those with sensitive skin.
  • One of the reasons why the world needs to make the shift to linen is because it is biodegradable – it is better for you and it is better for the planet too.
  • Summers or winters, linen is perfect for every season, because of its 100% breathability; so, time to let go of those stuffy shirts and trousers!
  • Even though we use European flax linen, it is all sourced locally – our version of being vocal about local!
  • Every garment, from start to finish is made in India – we believe in hiring domestic talent and showing to the world how good it is!
  • We have a commitment to you and to ourselves and that is why we ensure that every piece is crafted sustainably.
  • As long as you take care of your linen clothes, we can assure you that they will last you a lifetime!

Why choose to shop for linen clothes at Linen Trail

Clothes maketh a man – what we wear is an expression of who we are. The colours we choose, the prints and patterns we pick and the fabrics we favour, all have a role in projecting our image to the world. At Linen Trail, we want to go beyond just celebrating 100% pure linen; we want to show to the world that slow fashion is the more sustainable option, without having to compromise on style or comfort.

Moreover, as a company, we welcome creative leadership with open arms and are constantly trying to foster and nurture innovative teamwork. Through this, we have been able to achieve a winning spirit that eventually leads to better products for our customer and our share of taking care of Mother Earth. Our handcrafted garments are an ode to perfection – with the perfect fit, finish and fall!