How does one take care of their Linen Pieces?

Listed below are the simple but important steps to ensure your linen shirts last more than a lifetime.


- For the first wash

- Soak the shirt in lukewarm water to avoid creasing.

- You can hand wash or give a gentle machine wash with mild detergent and a short spin.

- Tumble dry it at a low temperature (remove from the dryer while they are slightly damp before they become stiff)

- Separate light and dark colours Wash in lukewarm or cold water at 40 Degree Celsius or 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

- Avoid bleaching as it weakens the fibres and may affect the colour of the dyed linens.


It is not necessary to starch the linen fabric unless you want it to be super crisp. Although, we would advise you to avoid starching so that your shirt is soft and comfortable to give you the pure feeling of Linen.

In case you do want to starch your shirt, follow the steps mentioned below:

- Mix the solution well (1 cup in 1 litre of water) to avoid starch lumps

- Immerse linen in the solution for sometime

- Then gently squeeze the linen to remove excess water and dry.


- Linen can crease very easily, and hence after washing, you can dry it flat rather than wring drying it on a hanger.

- Tumble dry at a low-temperature setting.

- Do not dry it in direct sunlight as dyed linen shirts could fade the colour.

- Do not twist or scrub as these are 100% pure linen fibres, and the abrasion would cause it to damage the fibres making the fabric weak.


Linen is a fabric that is known for its beautiful and fine texture that makes it look more raw, soft, and natural, and hence it is not necessary to iron it and instead wear it as it is.

However, if it is really crushed and you want your shirt to look crisp, then- Iron it while it is damp at 150-degree Celsius

- For white and light-coloured linen shirts, you can iron it on both sides

- For darker shades - turn the garment inside out to avoid fading of the colour

- In the case of dry linen - spray a little water and then proceed with the ironing.  

We hope this information helps you take care of your linen pieces.
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