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      Women’s linen tops

      Women’s Linen Tops

      Make your style statement with our classy linen tops for women

      They say clothes maketh a man; so what about women? Well, for women, clothes are not just a way to cover their bodies; it is an important tool via which they make statements and express their personal style. At Linen Trail, we are all about equality and inclusion, which is why we now bring to you a collection that will become the envy of every woman you come across! With our gorgeous collection of pure linen tops for women, you can be certain that you will be the attention grabber no matter where you go. Immaculately crafted, each top that you will find with us is a testament to our dedication to bringing only the best to you.

      • Tops that are designed on more traditional lines as well as those which are slightly out of the box
      • Tops that are button-down and perfect for office wear as well as simpler round neck ones that will go great in your holiday wardrobe
      • Tops that are subtle coloured and those which are on the more vibrant end of the colour spectrum
      • And of course, you will also see tops that cater to a whole range of sizes!

      But why pick linen women tops?

      At Linen Trail, we have taken a conscious decision to be an environmentally sustainable brand, which is why we chose to work exclusively with linen. We know that there will be plenty of people who would wax eloquent about the goodness of cotton, but allow us to tell you why you need to invest in women linen tops:

      • Unlike cotton, which might be high in terms of popularity, linen is actually a far better crop for the planet – unlike cotton, it is not a thirsty crop. As a matter of fact, linen plants have been found to be drought resistant!
      • For the cotton crop to grow and thrive, there is often the need for a chemical cocktail of pesticides and fertilisers.
      • Linen is easily one of the most durable fabrics you will ever come across – if you take good care of it, it will last you several decades, if not more!
      • Linen is perhaps one of the best fabrics for the summers – because of its highly breathable nature and moisture-wicking properties, it will keep you feeling comfortable.
      • And when the winters come knocking, the same linen will offer you a certain amount of insulation too, keeping you warm.

      The true benefits of our linen summer tops for women

      What makes the linen women tops that we bring to you a truly good investment is the fact that they are pieces of near perfection! Every step of the creation process – right from the seed of the design to the drawing of the design; from choosing the fabric to our master tailors cutting and finishing the product, there is an immense amount of care taken.

      • Every design that you see in our collection is in keeping with global fashion trends while still keeping a finger on the pulse of the domestic demands.
      • Colours are chosen to work with the Indian ethos while celebrating a sense of global diversity! So while you will see a sober and elegant white and ecru, you will also see a vibrant and whimsical sap green!
      • We have an in-house team of master craftsmen who know how to get the cuts right every time. When the cut pieces go to the tailors, they will ensure that the silhouettes are perfect for each top.
      • Before any order is dispatched, there is a proper and thorough check because we want to ensure that the linen top that we send to you is as close to perfection as possible.
      • Each of the tops that you can find in our virtual aisles is all about style and comfort – no matter which design catches your fancy, you can be sure that you will be able to wear it all day long with absolutely zero discomfort.
      • Plus, our linen tops are easy to maintain – simply machine wash with a gentle cleaning agent and flat dry in the shade! What is great about linen is that you don’t even need to iron them if you don’t want to because the soft creases are what make linen so special.

      An elegant look every time with our women linen tops

      Now that you have picked all the linen tops women that we bring to you, here are some ideas on how to create that perfectly elegant look for every occasion:

      • If you are headed to a regular day at work, our button-down shirts would be a good option, especially when you team them with fitted and tailored linen trousers.
      • On those days when you need that extra boost of confidence at work, you can consider one of our more stylish tops – Bella or Summer would be gorgeous options because not only will they work with traditional as well as stylish bottom wear, they will also ensure that all the attention stays on you!
      • When you are all set to unwind and want something that is easy-going, you will find the sleeveless and oversized tops are wonderful options. Whether you team them with breezy palazzos or your favourite shorts, you can be sure that comfort will be prominent, which is what you need for your casual days.
      • And when you are headed on a vacation, then too the linen summer tops for women - short-sleeved and sleeveless tops - will be good options because they offer you that easy style that you need and want on a holiday! These tops will work just as well with a skirt as they would with shorts and jeans!


      • What do you wear with a women’s linen top?
        If you are picking linen tops from Linen Trail, you can easily team them with the linen trousers that we offer. Alternatively, you can create combinations with existing bottom wear that you have, including trousers, skirts, palazzos, and denim.
      • Is 100% linen good for women’s clothes?
        Absolutely! 100% linen is perhaps the best option because it is extremely comfortable to wear, easy to use and maintain, and most importantly, incredibly long-lasting.
      • Is linen hot or cool to wear?
        Linen is actually a cool fabric, especially during the summers, because it is highly breathable and has moisture-wicking properties too.
      • Is linen a luxury?
        Linen is one of the foremost fabrics in terms of quiet luxury – the fabric offers you a sense of opulent luxury without being loud, and Linen Trail is one of the quiet luxury brands in the world of linen fashion.
      • Is it OK for women to wear wrinkled linen?
        Yes – linen is known for its creases and wrinkles, which are part of its charm and appeal.