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      Men's Linen Shirts

      Pure linen shirts for men for every occasion – simple, opulent and festive!

      Over the past few years, there has been a return to natural fibers, because more and more people are recognising the benefits of wearing the same. While they are looking for premium shirts online, they might come across several natural materials such as silk, cotton and even denim, but there is something special and unique about linen shirts. At Linen Trail, we are making an attempt to bring linen to the forefront, because with our linen trending shirts for men, you will be able to make a statement anywhere you go – to the boardroom, to a party or even a festive occasion!

      How many short sleeved linen casual shirts are too many?

      The answer to that is super easy – you can never have enough of half-sleeve linen shirts for men, because the ones that you can find at Linen Trail will work for literally every occasion. Here are just some examples:

      • Wear linen shirts with half sleeves paired with well-tailored linen pants and you are ready for a regular day at work.
      • Half sleeve linen printed shirts for men teamed with trousers are the best choice for when you are out to party with your friends.
      • When you are planning to head to the beach, there is nothing better than linen beach shirts for men worn with some super comfortable linen shorts.
      • And in case there is a festive occasion, such as Diwali or Raksha Bandhan, you can wear a short sleeve linen shirt with formal or casual pants or even dhoti!

      Here’s why the pure linen shirts for men go beyond the boardroom

      There are occasions for the casual laid back look, but there are times when you need something a little more formal and that is where our collection of linen full sleeve shirts for men comes into play. We bring to you a stylishly designed and carefully crafted collection of men's premium shirts that are great for all kinds of occasions. You can wear these shirts with ease to work, but they will blend in just as well for a wedding or a meet and greet with the apartment neighbours. Our long sleeve linen shirts are also a really good choice for when you want a completely formal look, because you can wear these shirts with formal blazers and jackets too.

      There is more than just black and white short sleeves linen shirts for men at Linen Trail

      In case you thought that Linen Trail was only about black or white linen shirts for men, then you have to think again, because we have a huge palette to offer, when it comes to colours, designs and even prints. Whether you are looking for more muted colours like beige and grey or you want something that is fun and vibrant like rust and purple, at Linen Trail, you will be able to find pretty much whatever your heart desires. Moreover, our team of designers also likes to play around in terms of designs – you will see shirts with mandarin collars and incredible detailing instead of traditional buttons! When we create a shirt, we understand that you, being a conscious shopper, would want multiple uses from it – you will want to wear it to work and at play, and then you will want some shirts that are meant for those special moments in life. At Linen Trail, we try to bring it all to you! This is why we also offer linen trousers, shorts, kurtas and even jackets, to help you build that complete wardrobe.

      Come explore the collections and we are sure that you will walk away with more than just one linen white full sleeves shirt, that you probably came for!

      Why you need to have linen shirts for men in your wardrobe too

      In case you are wondering why you should consider adding linen shirts for men to your wardrobe, here are just some reasons:

      • Linen is one of the most comfortable fabrics to wear, no matter the season – if it can offer enhanced breathability during the summers, keeping you cool, it can also offer insulation during the colder months.
      • As long as you know how to maintain your pure linen shirts for men, they will last you a lifetime! There are a few materials that are as sturdy as linen.
      • Linen is the better choice for not only you, but also the planet – it is one of the most sustainable fabrics around, even more than cotton!
      • At Linen Trail, you will find the most extensive collection – whether you are looking for linen white full sleeves shirt that you can wear to office or you want linen party wear shirts for men that will make you stand out in a crowd, its all on offer here.


      • Do you have multiple colour choices in your shirts?
        We offer our linen shirt collection for men online in a huge variety of colours – you will be able to find the most popular white and black, as well as more bold colours like yellow, orange and even shades of pink!
      • What are the sizes offered in your shirts?
        When we say that we offer one of the widest ranges of designer shirts for men in linen, we mean it and we meet the requirements in terms of sizes as well. You can find sizes starting at S(38) all the way up to XXXXL(50)!
      • Do you offer multiple fits in your shirts?
        Almost all our men's premium shirts are offered in the normal comfort fit and the more flattering slim fit.
      • Do you have anything that is a little more on the designer side?
        Oh yes, we do! We suggest that you take the time to browse through our entire collection of premium shirts online and you will find plenty of linen shirts that you will not find anywhere else!