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      Convertible coord sets for men

      Ezy Convertible Co-ord Sets

      Multiple outfits in one with our convertible coord sets for men

      There are men who like to take the time to curate their wardrobe and pick every outfit with a lot of care and consideration; then there are men who like to have their wardrobe simple and hassle-free! At Linen Trail, we have something for every type of man – no matter what you are looking for, the simple or the elaborate, we have it with us. Our aim is to bring the purest linen in designs that will blend easily into your collections – we want you to have quiet luxury for every occasion. So while you will be able to find the classiest linen shirts that will be perfect for the boardroom, we also have the cool breezy shorts that are just right for your beachside vacation!

      And then there is something for the man who likes to keep it simple and practical – presenting our convertible coord sets for men, which are not only stylish but also simple and super comfortable. Given that these are sets, they come complete with trousers and a jacket, but what if we told you that the same trousers could turn into shorts when you needed them? That is the magic of our convertible coord sets – they are full-legged trousers when you need them; unbutton them at the knees, and you have the most comfortable pair of shorts! Pick our convertible coord sets, and you are ready for a trip around town or around the world!

      What makes our convertible casual co-ord set for men stand apart

      • These offer you genuine freedom of movement – whether you wear them as trousers or as shorts, you can be sure that you will be able to move, and even the jacket is designed to offer you complete comfort.
      • There are few clothes that are as flexible as these convertible coords - if you are out for a drive around town, keep the trousers as is, but when you get out of the car for a hike, simply convert them into shorts and walk with ease.
      • Show us another fabric that is as breathable as linen – this is easily one of the most breathable fabrics in the world, which means that no matter which season you wear these coord sets in, you will feel great in them.
      • Linen is meant to last – when you choose high-quality linen like what we offer at Linen Trail, you can be sure that you will be able to wear these outfits for a really long time!
      • Our linen convertible co-ord set for men is super easy to maintain – simply throw it in the washing machine, and you are done!

      And then there is the fact that you have plenty of colour and size options to pick and choose from!

      Holiday or at home – there is a linen co-ord set for men for all

      • Rugged much! – When you want that rugged, macho look, you want convertible trousers because the one pair of trousers can be taken for camping, hiking, trekking, running, or just going to the movies!
      • Versatility incarnate – There is no denying that a single set of these convertible coords will give you multiple looks; wear it in its full glory or wear them as shorts; keep the jacket on, take the jacket off; use a shirt or a tee – any way you choose to style the set, you can be sure that you will look great!
      • Use them all year round – Yup, you can use these convertible coord sets all year long; when the weather is on the colder side, use the trousers and the jacket to add a sense of warmth. And when the summers come calling, leave the jacket at home and convert the trousers into shorts.
      • Truly practical – There is no denying that these coord sets are truly practical! The full-sleeved jacket comes with double pockets, and the trousers, even in their shorts form, have multiple pockets. The trousers and jacket have been designed to offer you comfort and stay in times with modern trends.
      • Holiday or home – Whether you are at home or heading for a holiday, whether you are partying with your friends or are on a dinner date with the family, these coord sets will work a treat for sure!

      Why pick your co-ord set for men in India from Linen Trail

      • Every item that you see in our virtual aisles has been handcrafted using the finest quality European linen; and because the linen is pre-treated (pre-washed and pre-shrunk), you have little to worry about.
      • While these come as a coord set, there is no reason why you can’t use them as separates – the jacket, the trousers, or the shorts, style to your heart’s whimsy!
      • Our design team ensures that every outfit that we make and offer to you is in keeping with domestic and international trends. So whether you wear our outfits at home or during your international travel, you will look stylish!
      • All our clothes are reasonably easy to maintain too – they are all hand and machine washable. Simply remember to separate the lights and darks, use a gentle cleaning agent, a gentle cycle on the machine, and dry in the shade.


      • What does Coord set mean?
        Coord comes from the word coordinated and refers to outfits that come in sets and are coordinated in terms of colour, design, or prints.
      • Can we wear linen coord set in office?
        Technically you can, but these convertible coord sets might not be the most conventional option. You might be able to consider them for casual Fridays or use only the jacket to add a layer to a casual look.
      • How do you convert the trousers into shorts?
        It is super simple – there are buttons around the knee area. Simply unbutton and your trousers will turn into shorts!
      • Is it easy to maintain these convertible linen coord sets?
        Yes, you can hand or machine wash them. You can learn more about wash care here.
      • What colours are offered in your convertible linen coord sets?
        Currently, we offer our convertible coord set for men in 6 colours – there are 2 shades of blue, there is maroon, grey, green, and the ever-popular black!