5 Documentaries You Must Watch To Understand The Impacts of the Fast Fashion Industry

Did you know that an average human being consumes about a credit card worth of plastic every single week?

Yes, you read that right – it's a staggering amount! While plastic pollution is a significant concern, there's another environmental villain lurking in our closets – fast fashion. The fashion industry's rapid production and consumption have far-reaching consequences for our planet and people. But why go the traditional route when exploring this topic when you can dive into it through the lens of compelling documentaries?

Here are 5 must-watch movies that shed light on how the fast fashion industry impacts our environment while keeping you engaged and informed.

1) "True Cost" - Andrew Morgan:

  • The Unveiling of Fashion's Secrets: "The True Cost" takes you on a journey behind the glitz and glamour of the fashion industry. It's not all about fabulous runways and trendy clothes; it also reveals the darker side of cheap, disposable fashion. Andrew Morgan's documentary exposes the harsh working conditions and the devastating impact on the environment caused by fast fashion. Watch it and prepare to be enlightened.
  • Watch "True Cost" here.

2) "RiverBlue" - Roger Williams, David McIlvride:

  • Dyeing for Fashion: Ever wondered about the environmental consequences of that perfect indigo jean you own? "RiverBlue" dives deep into the issue of water pollution caused by the fashion industry. It takes you on a global journey, exposing the harmful practices and revealing how the chemicals and dyes used in clothing production are poisoning waterways and ecosystems.
  • Watch "RiverBlue" here.

3) "The Machinist" - Brad Anderson:

  • The Unsung Heroes: "The Machinist" isn't your typical fashion documentary. It focuses on the personal stories of three courageous female workers in a garment factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This film showcases their everyday struggles to combat unfair practices and ridiculously low wages, highlighting the human cost of high street fashion. Get ready to be moved.
  • Watch "The Machinist" here.

 4) "Thread" - Michelle Vey:

  • Stitching the Environmental Narrative: "Thread" explores cotton production and its impact on farmers and the ecosystem. Director Michelle Vey brings together ethical and sustainable fashion pioneers to unravel the environmental impact of massive cotton cultivation. It also reveals the health issues posed to both producers and consumers, making you rethink your cotton choices.
  • Watch "Thread" here.

5) "Unravel" - Meghna Gupta:

  • The Recycling Odyssey: Fashion isn't a one-way street. "Unravel" takes you to the North of India, where discarded clothing from South East Asia finds a new life through recycling. It's a fascinating journey as you witness clothes sent to Western countries returning to be recycled into yarn. This documentary adds a unique perspective to the global fashion cycle.
  • Watch "Unravel" here.

Fashion is not just about the clothes we wear; it's also about the stories behind those clothes and their impact on our world. These 5 documentaries provide an engaging and enlightening look at the environmental and social consequences of fast fashion.

So, the next time you shop for that trendy outfit, remember the true cost that lies beneath the surface. Dive into these movies, and you'll be well on your way to becoming a more informed and conscious fashion consumer.