7 Looks You Can Create With A Traditional Kurta Collection

If someone were to ask us why they should consider picking a traditional kurta from Linen Trail, we would tell them that because they would be picking something that is super comfortable and goes beyond just the traditional wear. Yes, we know that a kurta is considered traditional and occasion wear, but if you style it right, you can wear it for literally every event. 

What to look for in traditional kurta for men

There would be those who would say that there are plenty of options in the markets these days, when it comes to kurtas, why should one consider a linen kurta. Well, here are just some reasons why you will want a linen kurta from our store:

  • Comfortable Fabric - Linen is a lightweight and breathable fabric, which is why it is perfect for hot and humid climates, such as what you see in India. However, linen is a good choice for the cold weather too, especially if you choose long sleeves. By allowing the air to circulate, you can feel comfortable all day long. 
  • Natural Look – Linen is a natural fabric, which is why it can give that natural look for any and all occasions that you wear them to. Because of the natural look, they work really well for semi-formal and festive events. 
  • Versatility – Dressing up a kurta is just as easy as it is to dress it down – all it takes is a little creative thinking to style this truly versatile piece of clothing. And without a doubt, to style a kurta is actually easy, because they will go with literally any type of bottom wear, from jeans to trousers, to linen pants to pyjamas. 
  • Low Maintenance – Even though linen is known for wrinkling, it is actually quite low maintenance; you can simply wash, dry and wear. Starching and ironing are completely optional – do it if you want, don’t if you don’t want to! 
  • Planet Friendly – Without a doubt, linen is one of the most sustainable and eco friendly choices, especially when compared to synthetic fabrics and even cotton. If you are concerned about the planet, even the tiniest bit, you might want to consider linen for your wardrobe. 

So many ways to style the traditional kurta for men

Even if you pick a few basic linen kurtas from our store, you can be sure of having multiple looks for a variety of occasions; all you need to know is how to style them. And here are some ideas to do just that:

Casual outings 
  • When you are planning to spend a day out with your family and friends, you can pair your linen kurta with denims or khakis. 
  • Keep your footwear on the casual side too – loafers, casual sandals will look good. 
  • Because you are going for a laidback look, don’t go beyond a basic watch or maybe a simple woven bracelet. 


Formal or semi-formal events

  • When you are choosing traditional kurtas for a formal look, go either for traditional bottoms like a pyjama or something that is tailored, like a formal trouser. 
  • Add formal looking dress shoes with trousers and traditional mojris with pyjamas. 
  • If you have picked a kurta with a pocket, you can even add a pocket square or a stylish watch should do the trick. 


Festive occasions

  • When festive occasions you need a fully traditional look and you can get that by teaming your linen kurta with traditional bottom wear such as churidar or even dhotis. 
  • Obviously, you will need footwear that feel traditional too – juttis, traditional chappals etc will work well.
  • Depending on the event, you can add a pagri, a decorative stole or at least a brooch! 




  • Yes, you can wear a kurta as resort wear too, especially for those relaxed lunches and dinners, where you can wear a kurta with linen pants
  • Keep the footwear casual with flip flops or casual sandals. 
  • A straw hat, a stone bracelet, sunglasses and perhaps no watch will complete the relaxed look for you! 


Smart-casual work attire

  • You can even wear traditional mens kurta to work – team it with tailored trousers or linen pants in neutral colours. 
  • Sensible work shoes such as leather loafers or formal dress shoes are a good choice. 
  • Add a belt and a classic watch to complete the smart casual look for Fridays. 


Brunch or day outing

  • When you are stepping out on a weekend, a kurta paired with slim fit trousers or linen pants is a good idea. 
  • Keep the footwear simple and fun, such as slip-on shoes or loafers or even sneakers!
  • Choose accessories like a casual watch, sunglasses and maybe a woven bracelet. 


Date night

  • Taking a special person out means, you need to look special too – wear your kurta with tailored pants in a complimentary colour. 
  • Your shoes should be fun but a touch formal – so dress shoes or stylish loafers, take your pick. 
  • Remember to smell good and keep it simple with the accessories, so maybe just a watch. 


The kurta style for men is truly timeless and has a classic appeal – their simplicity and elegance make them suitable for so many different types of events and given that these days, you can choose from so many styles, colours and designs, there is no reason why you should not pick a few from Linen Trail either!