Defining Quiet Luxury, The Linen Trail Way

They say, success is quiet, it’s failure that needs a loud voice!

It is perhaps that very notion that led to the creation of the quiet luxury movement. Luxury, even in the world of fashion, need not be loud; as a matter of fact, Karl Lagerfeld, the personality behind brands like Fendi and Chanel, once said, "Luxury is the ease of a t-shirt in a very expensive dress."  

It comes as no surprise that linen is one of the front runners in the world of quiet luxury fashion and Linen Trail is proudly leading the charge! 

But what is quiet luxury?

As the term suggests, there is an element of luxury, but rather than being loud and obnoxious, this is a version that is quiet and understated. Let’s take a simple example – there are certain big brands, which are known to produce bags, which have their logo all over. However, there are certain brands, where the only place you can see the logo is on the inside or perhaps on a tiny embossing on the front. 

The latter would be considered a prime example of quiet luxury brands!

In simple terms, adhering to the notion of minimalism and simplicity, without compromising on comfort, style and that element of luxury, would be quiet luxury. The attention has now moved to quality and a sense of minimalism – people are moving away from ideas of bling, logos that are almost ostentatiously loud and patterns that are too obvious.

How does one define quiet luxury fashion?

Gone are the days, when the rich wanted the brands, they carried to be obvious – there is a tectonic shift towards projecting that quiet elegance. They want sophistication that is understated, but still offers them the opulence of the big brand and here is how one would be able to pick out the quiet luxury brands from the loud ones:

  • You would see a lot more neutral colours – you will not see any fluorescents, loud prints or patterns. The most preferred colours would be whites, beiges, ecrus, mocha, shades of grey and blue. 
  • The devil lies in the details – you will see very smart tailoring, with clean silhouettes and you will also get to see craftsmanship of the highest order. Many of these pieces might be handmade, rather than being mass produced, making them a lot more exclusive. 
  • There is also the fact that most quiet luxury brands will produce limited quantities, because there is a genuine support to fair labour practices. 
  • Many of the modern-day brands, like Linen Trail, would also have the sustainability angle. Linen by nature is a sustainable fiber, because it needs a lot less water as compared to cotton for cultivation. Being a really sturdy crop, it is resistant to several pests, which means that it needs less chemical intervention. 

The basic idea behind quiet luxury fashion would be to buy less, but buy better – so, when you pick something from Linen Trail, you will get some of the finest quality European linen, and should you take care of them, these clothes will last you a lifetime! You will not see any obvious display of our brand name, but there will be elements of inspiration that come from our rich Indian heritage. 

What makes Linen Trail one of the quiet luxury brands

In the recent past, linen and quiet luxury seem to be going hand in hand, mainly because of the general selection of muted colours for linen clothing and it being one of the most sustainable fibres in the world. 

  • At Linen Trail, we bring to you a selection of quiet luxury outfits for both men and women, which is handcrafted using the finest quality European linen, which has been pre-treated and pre-shrunk. This means that when you choose something from our virtual aisles, you are picking something that is extremely high quality and high on comfort too. 
  • When you take a look at the colour palette we bring to you, you will see plenty of muted tones and even though we have bright colours, they are ones that ooze a sense of elegance and sophistication. 
  • Every piece that you see in our collections is a testament to quiet luxury – you will see the elegance in the silhouettes, the expertise in the tailoring and the perfection in the finishing. When you pick a linen shirt for men or a linen top for women, you will experience the comfort and style.  
  • Although not bespoke in the conventional sense, our clothes are all exclusive, because we do not mass produce. We craft only a few pieces at a time, ensuring that each garment has the complete attention that it deserves.  

At Linen Trail, we believe in offering luxury apparel that combines style and comfort, without being too obvious; our aim remains to help you curate a wardrobe that oozes elegance, while doing our bit for the planet too.