Presenting Our Linen Fabric Gift Box – The Perfect Gift for Every Season

Many times, choosing a gift for men is a tough task – most people end up giving either clothes, perfumes or watches. However, there is something slightly impersonal about these, even though you might have put a lot of thought and consideration into making the choice. 

This festive season, you can pick our pure linen fabric gift box, which is the perfect gift for a man who knows what he wants. 

What do you get when you pick the white linen fabric gift box?

When you choose this gift box, you get 2 meters of pure white, pure linen fabric, which is truly sustainable and absolutely comfortable. This natural fabric is known to be highly breathable and is also hypoallergenic and that means even those with sensitive skin, can enjoy the feel of linen! 

At Linen Trail, we offer our linen 2 meter fabric piece in a range of LEA counts – you get to choose from 80, 100, 125 and 150! 

What is LEA?

If you are picking fabric for the first time, these LEA counts might leave you slightly confused, so here is a brief on the same:

The term LEA comes from the word lea in old French, which means the unit of length. 

LEA count is a unit of liner density, which is normally used to measure the thickness or fineness of yarns. In simpler terms, it indicates the number of units of yarn, in one pound of the total weight of the particular yarn. 

If we were to explain it in numbers, it would mean the number of 120-yard strands in one pound of yarn. So, when you take our 80 LEA fabric, it means that it takes 80 strands, each measuring 120 yards in length, to weigh one pound. The higher the count, the more lightweight and fine quality the fabric will be. 

What makes our linen gift option a good choice

As is the case with our entire linen fabric shirt, trouser, kurta and shorts collection, the linen that we offer in its purest from has several advantages:

  • Linen is antibacterial and hypoallergenic, making it a perfect choice even for people who might have allergies or sensitive skin. 
  • The fabric is extremely breathable, making it perfect for the summers and ideal for the winter months as well.
  • Linen remains one of the most eco friendly and sustainable fabrics in the world. 
  • This adaptable fabric length can be converted into so many looks and garments, making it the most customisable option on offer! 

But why buy linen shirt fabric when I can buy a shirt?

Yes, we do offer a stunning array of classy and cool linen shirts, but there are some times, when you want to offer options beyond the traditional. There are actual several benefits to choosing linen cloth:

  • The freedom of customisation that you get when you pick fabric is something you can’t get with readymade. There is something regal and sophisticated about bespoke! 
  • Those with a creative bent of mind, will be able to transform this fabric into something unique and exquisite and when it is made to order, the fit will be more in tandem with the body for which it is being tailored. 
  • For a certain set of people, there is something a lot more personal about picking a fabric, choosing a design, giving their measurements and then getting a shirt or a kurta stitched. This fabric is an ode to that generation too! 
  • There is also an element of sustainability in opting for fabric – whatever fabric is leftover can be repurposed in so many ways. From handkerchiefs to pocket squares to dolls for little ones; who’s to put a stop on your creativity! 

What all can be crafted using this special occasion linen fabric

Nestled in an understated, yet gorgeous box, comes two metres of the purest linen and what you choose to do with it, lies entirely with you. What we can promise is that fabric will be as close to perfection as can be and anything stitched with it, will offer you that elegance and sophistication that you would expect from high grade linen. 

But we do have a few ideas on what you could get tailored:

  • The quintessential classic white linen shirt, which is perfect for office or casual wear
  • A white t-shirt that will work perfectly with those fitted blue denims
  • A crisp white kurta for all those festive occasions where you want the touch of traditional
  • Get yourself a pair of white shorts that are just right for the summer months
  • Add a touch of sophistication to your formal or semi formal looks with a white vest

And in case you thought that this cloth was meant only for men, think again, because the most gorgeous ladies kurta might come from this very linen fabric! 

When you want to gift something that is truly premium, steeped in luxury and an option that makes you feel like you are doing a little something for the planet too, this gift box is what you will want to choose! 

Gifting is an art and what could be more of a canvas than pure white linen fabric!