What Is Lea In Linen And Why is it Important

If you are new to the world of linen, you need to understand a few things:

For starters when you buy really good quality linen, you have to be willing to shell out an amount that might seem slightly large. However, this amount that you are spending is for the quality of the fiber, the LEA count and of course the design and finish.

But what is LEA in linen?

The term LEA actually comes from old French, where the word lea means unit of length. This is a count of linear density, which is how thickness or fineness of a fabric is measured. 

If one were to define this in more simple terms, the LEA count indicates the number of units of yarn, in one pound of the total weight of that yarn. Another method of calculation is this – the number of yards in a pound of linen, which is then divided by 300. 

Let’s look at it in terms of numbers:

If we consider 80 LEA fabric, it would mean that it takes a total of 80 strands, each strand measuring 120 yards in length, to make up one pound of linen yarn.  

Alternately, a yarn which has the size of 1 LEA will be able to give you 300 yards per pound. 40 LEA would be 40X300= 12000 yards per pound and so on. 

In general, the higher the count, the higher the quality and more lightweight the fabric. 

How does lea in linen matter?

You are sure to wonder, why does all this Lea business matter to me? Why should I pay attention to it?

Well, the reason you need to pay attention to the Lea count is because that is what will decide the quality of the product you are purchasing. When you choose to shop at Linen Trail, you get to pick garments starting at 25 Lea, going to 40 lea linen and all the way to 150! Having a basic understanding of this information will help determine, the thickness, the finesse and the softness of whatever you pick. 

How does the lea linen count play out?

While at Linen Trail, we assure you the best quality linen in every product that you pick up, there is nothing wrong in having the requisite information. 

  • Linen shirts – When you are picking shirts, you need to pick something that is fine and super soft; you can consider the level of transparency as well. You will be able to find shirts in 40 and 60 lea linen and these are perfect for regular wear; because the LEA count ascertains the thickness and transparency as well. Generally, the more formal, full sleeve shirts have a slightly lower count, because you want that slight opaqueness. However, the more casual shirts can be in a higher count, because the slightly transparent nature is no obtrusive. If you are looking for something super fine and truly exquisite, then you will want to pick something with a higher count. 

  • Linen kurtas – Picking linen kurtas is similar to shirts – you want something in the 40 to 60 count range, because it will be fine enough, but not completely transparent. Most of our kurtas are made with a 44 Lea count and it is also pre-shrunk, which means that you will not have to worry about any shrinkage post wash. At our store, you will be able to pick and choose from a huge variety in terms of kurta length, designs and colours. 

  • Linen trousers and joggers – Because pants and joggers need to be on the thicker side, we use a 25 Lea count for them. This offers just the right amount of thickness, without compromising on quality or comfort. You will be able to wear these linen pants all day long and not break a sweat, literally! 

  • Linen shorts and travel pants – Just like the pants and joggers, our shorts and travel pants are also made with 25 Lea count, and for pretty much the same reasons. You can’t have shorts and pants that are very transparent, but you don’t want them so thick that you feel hot and bothered in them, during the summer months. 

  • Linen jackets – Normally jackets tend to be on the slightly heavier side, especially when we talk about men’s jackets, which is why, when you pick our mens linen jackets, you will see that they too are made with a 25 Lea count, offering them just the right amount of thickness. The thickness is such that they work great for the summer months, when you just want to add an extra layer to your outfit, but is thick enough to provide you with just a little insulation for when you are travelling or are feeling that chill in the air! 

  • Linen fabric – And then there is our giftbox – our 2 metres of pure linen fabric, which you can pick in a variety of Lea counts – we offer this fabric starting at an 80 Lea count, or maybe you want to pick a 100 lea linen fabric. You can also choose from 125 and 150 Lea, which are some of the finest and most exquisite fabrics that you will ever see! This fabric is a perfect gift choice and can be gifted for so many occasions! 

At Linen Trail, you have access to some of the finest quality European linen, which is pre-shrunk and then designed and crafted into some of the most desirable clothes for the modern man!