What To Pack For A Business Trip – Top 5 Linen Edit

Heading for a business trip means that you already have plenty occupying your mind – while heading to a meeting from the comfort of your own home is one thing, travelling to another city or country and being just as prepared is often different. For starters, when you are in your own city, you have your entire wardrobe at your disposal, allowing you to dress to the nines with ease. But when you are travelling, you need to pack all that you might require. 

Knowing what to pack for a business trip is half your battle won – as long as you know what to pack and how to pack, you will be ready for any kind of meeting. 

So, what to pack for a business trip?

Rather than just randomly throwing things in your suitcase, if you just take a few minutes to set up a checklist, not only will you be able to pack with ease, but also be confident that everything you need has been brought along. 

  • Start with your business essentials – any files or documents that you need for your meetings need to be kept first and foremost. 
  • You will also need your laptop or tablet, in case you are making any presentations or need to be in touch with your team, back home.
  • Obviously, when you are keeping your digital devices, which would include your phone, you will also need to keep their specific chargers. In case you are travelling to another country, you might also need to carry an adapter. 
  • Just as important will be your travel documents – your passport, your identity proof and your travel information. 
  • You will need clothes, inners, toiletries and footwear to make sure that you are properly turned out, every time you step out. 
  • You will also need things such as deodorants, sunglasses and some basic emergency medications as well. 

Top 5 linen essentials to pack for business trip

Clothes are the next most important thing that you need to pack when travelling and when you are heading on a business trip, you will need to pack more than just a handful of linen formal shirts for men. There is much more that you will have to carry:

  1. For starters, based on the geographical location you are travelling to and the weather on those days, will have a role to play in what you pick and choose. Linen long sleeve shirts are a must have, because there is nothing more formal than those. Depending on the number of days and meetings you are planning to attend, you will have to carry as many shirts. 
  2. Ideally, you should also carry at least a few linen half sleeve shirts, because many a times, you might need a semi-formal look. Alternately, if you are planning to step out to sightsee or just take a walk, casual shirts would be better. 
  3. While you might need more shirts, you can always make do with lesser pants – ideally, you should pack complimentary colours that will work with almost all colour shirts. Black, navy blue, dark brown or khaki, ecru, beige and steel grey are all good options and if you shop at Linen Trail, you will find so many linen trousers for men in all these colours and more. 
  4. If you are planning to take some time off in between your meetings – do some sightseeing or shopping – you obviously will not want to be over dressed for these places. In such times, you might want to consider packing some linen travel pants or even some linen shorts, which you can wear either with shirts or with t-shirts. 
  5. For extremely formal business meetings you will need formal blazers or even full-fledged suits, but in case the meetings are a touch informal, you can also consider a smart mens linen jacket, which you can style the way you want. When worn over formal shirt and trousers, these jackets can take on a formal look, and they become super casual when worn with jeans or travel pants. 

 The ‘How To’ of packing linen for a business trip

Although you might be in love with the linen formal shirts that you have picked from Linen Trail, there is probably a fear that they might not look as perfect as they should, when you reach your destination. However, your clothes will look just as great, as long as you follow these tips and tricks, while packing:

  • Make sure that all your clothes are properly washed and dried and this is one of those times, when you might want to consider starching and ironing all your clothes. This will allow you to not only properly fold them, but also keep them looking crisp for longer. 
  • Use tissue paper to fold your shirts – place a large rectangle on the back of the shirt and then fold the shirt around that paper. This will help reduce the creasing and offer shape to the shirt. 
  • Trousers should be ironed along the front crease and that crease should be used to dictate the folding pattern. 
  • If you have a garment bag or packing bags, you can use those to keep the clothes separated and neatly packed. 
  • Choose a hard sided suitcase, because it will protect everything inside a lot better. 
  • And as soon as you reach your hotel, unpack and hang everything on hangars. In case you feel that there are some creases, you can hang them in the corner of the bathroom, where the steam from the hot water will help relax some of the creases. 

Now that you know what to pack for a business trip, all you need to do is come to our online store and check out our selection of linen business outfit options, where you will find everything your work wardrobe might need!