What to Wear on Holi 2024: 5 Best outfit ideas

The much-awaited Holi festival of colours is almost here. People from all around the world gather to celebrate this colourful and joyous festival, which is a time for love and happiness to be shared. Choosing the ideal outfit for this special day is one of the most exciting parts of Holi, aside from the traditional rituals and customs. 

You've come to the right place if you enjoy keeping up with the latest fashion trends and organizing your wardrobe in advance. With a profound love for linen, Linen Trail is here to solve the puzzle of what to wear on Holi 2024 – let Holi 2024 be not just the festival of colours, but a celebration of sustainable style!

Explore our selection of the top 5 linen outfits for Holi 2024 – Style and Sustainability Combined!

For many years, people have been choosing linen as their fabric of choice, and they still have a special place in their hearts for it. It is the ideal option for any occasion, but particularly for a festival like Holi, thanks to its lightweight, breathable, and comfortable qualities. Without further ado, here we are with our selection of the top 5 linen outfits for Holi 2024.

  • The guy next door look with classic linen kurtas for men: 

    What better way to celebrate Holi than by dressing up in a chic linen kurta for men? Kurtas are the perfect holi festival traditional clothing. Finding a linen kurta that matches your personal style is simple because they are available in a wide range of colours and patterns here at Linen Trail. If you want to go all out for Holi, you can wear a long or short kurta and matching coloured or white linen pajamas. Linen's airy and light fabric will keep you cool and comfortable all day long while also giving your ensemble a refined touch.

  • Men’s Linen Shirts for the not-so-formal yet chic look: 

    Linen shirts for men are a great option for a Holi outfit if you like a more laid-back and casual style. These shirts can be worn with men’s linen trousers or chinos for a fashionable yet relaxed look. They are available in a variety of styles, such as button-down and Mandarin collar at our store. As linen shirts come in a variety of colours, including vivid and bright ones, they are perfect for the joyous atmosphere of Holi. Pair them with the choice of your bottom wear – linen pants, joggers or even shorts, and be the cool dude among your guys.

  • Go effortlessly cool with linen co-ord sets for men:

    If you're someone who loves to make a statement with your fashion choices, then a linen co-ord set for men is the perfect option for you. Co-ord sets have been a major trend in recent years and thanks to store like Linen Trail, these amazing sets are the hottest thing in the men’s linen clothing industry. For Holi 2024, you can opt for a linen co-ord set in a bold and bright colour to truly stand out in the crowd. This outfit not only looks stylish but also provides the comfort and ease of movement that is necessary for a day filled with Holi celebrations. 

  • Sass things up with a layer of men’s linen jackets:

    Linen jackets are the way to go for people who live in colder climates or who want to dress up their Holi outfit with an additional layer of sass. These jackets can be worn with any outfit to instantly enhance the appeal. They come in a variety of styles, and are just the right thing if you want a little drama in your look. In addition to keeping you warm, a pastel or neutral-coloured linen jacket will elevate your Holi ensemble with a hint of sophistication. To combine modern and ethnic styles, you can even choose a jacket with traditional Indian embroidery or prints.

  • Bring your inner funky dude out with a pair of linen shorts for men: 

    Linen shorts for men are the ideal option for people who wish to wear something easy and breezy for Holi, without compromising on style. Select the style of shorts that best compliments your body type and sense of style from the many options available. For an easy going yet stylish look, pair them with a linen shirt or kurta. Another option to perk up your ensemble and add some fun and colour is to go with patterned linen shorts.

    Apart from these, you can create your own looks with a little creativity and lots of fun! For example, a linen shirt with a pair of shorts, or a linen kurta with a pair of chinos – such combinations are not just unique but also amazingly stylish. 

    Pro-Tips for an Impeccable Holi Look:

    Now that you have some outfit ideas for Holi 2024, here are some tips to keep in mind while choosing your Holi attire. Follow these fantastic four tips and ace the Holi look like a hero!

    • Holi is all about colours, so make sure to choose vibrant and bold colours for your outfit. Avoid whites and light colours as they can easily get stained with colours.
    • Given that linen is lightweight, breathable, and takes shorter drying time, it is the ideal fabric for Holi. Avoid synthetic materials because they can be itchy and irritating to the skin when combined with dyes.
    • Remember to keep your accessories simple, even though they can add a playful touch to your ensemble. Wearing pricey or delicate jewellery is not advised because it may get broken during the festivities.
    • Wearing a bandana or scarf can help protect your hair from the damaging effects of Holi colours. For added protection against the colours in your hair, you can also use oil or a leave-in conditioner.


    It's Holi, a time to rejoice, and your attire should capture the spirit of the occasion. So go ahead and pick your ideal linen ensemble from our list of the top 5 looks for men's linen clothes for Holi, and get ready for a vibrant and unforgettable Holi in 2024. Happy Holi!!!