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      Harvey Long Sleeve Shirts

      Style and class personified with Harvey linen shirts for men

      There is something about a well-dressed man – the moment you look at him, you know he means business! Seeing someone dressed in full sleeve linen shirts and perfectly tailored trousers, gives that impression of sophistication and style, which is so important in professional and personal settings. However, it is often not knowing where to pick these shirts and trousers that poses the problem for many – they are not sure where to go for quality products and more importantly, when picking linen, where to find the best quality linen!  However, if you are someone who knows about the world of Linen Trail, then you have little to worry about because you would know that this is where you can find not only premium linen, but also some of the finest clothing for the man who wants it all! We bring to you the most stylish collections of linen clothing for the man who likes class and comfort. Every shirt that you will find in our collections, including our Harvey linen full sleeve shirts, is an example of how elegant simple can be – you don’t need complicated patterns and prints or logos to make your shirt look great! A carefully picked colour, amazing fabric and tailored silhouettes are all you need to loo perfect each time!

      Why consider linen trending shirts for men

      • Every shirt we offer, including those in the Harvey collection, are made with fine-quality European linen, which means that you have nothing to worry about when it comes to the fabric.
      • Our team of designers ensures that every shirt is created with a lot of love and care – we keep our finger on the global fashion pulse, ensuring that you are always well turned out!
      • A team of experienced tailors ensures that every cut, every stitch is as close to perfection as possible.
      • But the reason why you need to have pure linen shirts for men in your wardrobe is that there are no fabrics as comfortable as linen. Linen is not only one of the most breathable fabrics, it also has the ability to regulate temperature, ensuring you feel cool during the summers and slightly warm during the winters.
      • Linen is also known to be hypoallergenic, making it a suitable choice for even people with sensitive skin.

      Picking the right linen full sleeve shirts

      • When you are shopping at Linen Trail, you have little to worry about in terms of fabric quality, because we use only the finest grade European linen, which will offer you the most comfortable wearing experience.
      • In case you are wondering about the thread count, yet again, you have little to worry about, because we use 40LEA count and above for our shirts.
      • The fit of long sleeve linen shirts for men is important because a well-fitting shirt can make your look top-notch. At Linen Trail, you can choose from relaxed and slim fit options, depending on your personal preference.
      • Because it is a long sleeve shirt, you should make sure that you have the option to button it for formal occasions and unbutton to roll it up for that casual look.
      • You will also have to pay attention to the type of collar you are opting for - a button-down collar can be more casual, while a spread collar can be dressed up a bit.
      • When you pick Harvey men's linen shirts, you are picking style and class, combined with the utmost comfort! Although, on first glance, these might seem like formal shirts, simply styling it in a more relaxed manner will give you that super casual look you want.

      The many ways of styling long sleeve linen shirts

      • Let’s start with the formal office look – obviously, there is nothing better than a formal long sleeve shirt, which can be teamed with a complimentary pair of trousers. Add a smart belt and remember to wear polished formal shoes and you are ready!
      • Now, if you are planning to go for a more casual Friday look, you can use the same shirts, but teamed with jeans or casual chinos. Instead of formal shoes, you could consider sneakers.
      • When you are planning to take your family to the movies, the same shirt can once again come to your rescue – the shirt will work perfectly with denim and even linen joggers.
      • When you are off for a vacation, take a few linen full sleeve shirts with you because, they will surely come in handy. You can use them as is when you sit down at a fancy dinner or wear it unbuttoned on top of an organic tee to create that layered look. Even wearing the shirt untucked, with the sleeves rolled up, will work for that relaxed look.

      Easy ways of maintaining the long sleeve linen shirts

      • What is great about linen is that this is one of the most durable fabrics in the world – you will be able to use it for a really long time, as long as you take just a little care.
      • Do not wash linen in hot water, because it can weaken the fiber – room temperature water or at the most slightly warm water is more than enough.
      • Try to avoid those strong and harsh chemical-based detergents; go for something mild or organic, which will clean the shirt, without causing harm to the fibers.
      • Yes, our linen men shirts are machine washable, but we suggest that you wash lights and darks separately. Also, use a gentle cycle while washing.
      • Rather than hanging the shirts on the clothes line, simply lay them out flat in a slightly shady area and plenty of air.
      • Starching and ironing are completely optional – if you like that crisp look, then go ahead and starch as well as iron your shirt; but we like the natural linen look, which is slightly wrinkled.


      • Is linen better than cotton shirt?
        Absolutely! Linen is better than cotton, which means that Linen Trail shirts for men are better than cotton ones. Linen is more breathable, is hypoallergenic and is quite durable.
      • How do I choose a good linen shirt?
        You need to factor in the quality of the linen, the LEA count and of course the design and stitching. The easiest way to find really good quality linen shirts would be to shop at Linen Trail.
      • Are the Harvey linen shirts good quality?
        If you are buying linen shirts at Linen Trail, you can be sure that you have picked the best quality shirts, not only in terms of the fabric, but also the design and stitching.
      • How long will the Harvey linen shirts last?
        If you take proper care of them, they will last you almost a lifetime!
      • Should linen shirts be ironed?
        That is up to you – you can iron the mens long sleeve linen shirts if you like that crisp, slightly stiff look; but the gentle creases of linen are what make them so special!
      • Do these Harvey linen shirts go with jeans?
        Absolutely! Linen shirts can be teamed very easily with jeans!
      • Is it OK to wear wrinkled linen?
        Oh yes! The wrinkles and creases of linen are what make this fabric so special.