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      Linen Long Jackets

      Choose from an exclusive collection of Mens Linen Long Jacket at Linen Trail

      When you come to Linen Trail, the one thing that you can be sure of is that you will find only pure linen products here. That is a promise that we made to ourselves and we make to every person who comes to shop with us. Almost everything that a modern man would need to build a comprehensive wardrobe is on offer here. From the classiest linen shirts to all kinds of trousers; whether you are looking for outfits that will make your festive looks superior to the snazziest linen long jacket collections that you can wear to work or play – there is simply so much to pick from here.

      What makes our linen long jackets for men so special is the fact that they are really easy to wear and style; more importantly, because they are made with such high-quality linen, you can be assured of not just the superiority of the fabric, but also the sheer comfort that you will get to enjoy, when you wear these men linen jackets. We offer these in a variety of colours and because they are hand crafted, you can be sure that they will fit like a dream!

      Why should you have linen long jackets for men in your wardrobe

      We are pretty sure that there will be those who would argue, why do I need linen long jackets for men, when I can buy denim or maybe even leather. Well, here are just some reasons why you should consider picking something from our range:

      • For starters, our fabric, linen is completely vegan, which means that there is no animal cruelty involved.
      • Linen is one of the oldest fabrics known to man, as a matter of fact, there are those who believe that linen has a history older than cotton.
      • This fabric was once used by royalty and even today, some of the best grade linen is handed down through the generations.
      • Linen is also one of those most sustainable and planet friendly fabrics – unlike cotton, it doesn’t need gallons and gallons of water, neither does it need chemical incentives to grow better.
      • When you shop at Linen Trail, you have access to not only the jackets, but also a range of shirts and trousers, joggers and more.

      Why is a linen long jacket better than any other!

      Yes, we do have a range of men linen jackets that includes short and long jackets, which is why the next question would be why consider a long jacket. Well, we would suggest that you pick both types, because they are incredible to wear and extremely versatile. But here are just a few reasons why the long jackets will prove to be a good investment.

      • The material for our jacket, high quality linen, is handpicked every time.
      • Our designers come up the most unique, modern and trendy designs, which will match your mood and your fashion tastes.
      • Hand cut and hand stitched, these jackets come to life to add colour, charm and elegance to your wardrobe.
      • They are actually extremely easy to maintain – machine or hand wash them and dry them normally or on a hangar. You can iron them if you want, or you can enjoy the casual wrinkled look, which adds to the charm of wearing linen! And in case you want that crisp look, simply soak in a little starch water and you are done!
      • There are plenty of colours and designs to pick and choose from, which means that you will have something for every occasion.
      • Longer jackets add that touch of formal too, which means that you will be able to use these in stead of a blazer or formal jacket.
      • If you thought that linen was meant only for the summers, you would be so wrong – while we do have a collection men's linen summer jackets, there is no reason why you cannot use them during the colder months too, because linen does have insulation capabilities!

      How to style long linen jackets

      In case you are not sure of how to style the linen long jackets for men, here are just some ideas to get you started:

      • Create those perfect looks of contrast – with a beige pant and white shirt, add colour with a navy-coloured long jacket. Or do the opposite – go black on black and add the contrast with our ecru jacket. These looks are great for any casual or semi-formal event.
      • For your casual Fridays at work, nothing could beat these stylish long jackets – they work just as well teamed with chinos as they do with your favourite denim jeans!
      • When you are planning an outing with your family that might last all day long, these jackets will come to your rescue – not only do they sit perfectly well into your hustle and bustle, the multiple pockets also offer you that extra on hand storage that you might need for your keys, sunglasses and more!
      • Are you travelling somewhere? Then our long linen jackets are a must have, because these work really well for those long-haul flights, keeping you looking smart, yet comfortable.
      • When you are invited to a party, where you are not sure whether you should really dress up or dress down, a long jacket can come in really hand. Wear a short-sleeved shirt with some formal pants and when you add the jacket, it adds just the right amount of jazz!


      • Do your jackets come with pockets?
        Yes, all our linen long jackets for men come with 4 pockets – two on the chest and two near the base.
      • Are these jackets machine washable?
        Yes, all our products are machine washable, but we do suggest a gentle wash cycle and a very mild detergent.
      • What kind of collar can I find on your linen long jackets?
        Currently we offer the very stylish Cuban collar on our long jackets.
      • What is the size range of these linen jackets?
        You can pick your size from S (38) all the way to 4XL (50)
      • Do these jackets come in slim fit?
        Our mens linen jackets come in a regular fit, which has often been described as very comfortable and flattering!