The Linius Process

Linen Trail Wardrobe Creation Process

From design to the dream fit – the process of creating our linen wardrobe

Ever wondered how we are able to create such amazing looking clothes at Linen Trail? There is actually an entire process, one that is well thought out and executed with perfection and passion, from start to finish. When we offer you something, we don’t just mass produce clothes; each product that you see in our virtual aisles has been created with love and immense care. Every step that we take is a carefully considered one, and that is something that you will get to see in our products, when they reach your hands. 

What are the processes of creating the perfect linen shirts at Linen Trail

We have an amazing team that works behind the scenes at Linen Trail and each of them is tasked with one step of our Linius process. The 6 steps of our proprietary processes are set into place to ensure complete perfection, every time. And this is not just for our shirts and linen trousers, but literally, everything that we create. 

  1. Design optimisation

    When the first seeds of thought come into the minds of our design team, they jump into action. Several hours are spent in trying to conceptualise the perfect designs and when the elements of the design start to come together, we move onto putting all those elements together to build something that is nothing short of spectacular. Once the look is final on paper, we consider ourselves ready to move onto the next step. 

  2. Palette configuration

    There has been a notion that linen normally comes only in pale colours – you might have most commonly seen the quintessential white linen shirt and thought that this is pretty much the only colour in linen. However, you would be mistaken, because when you come to Linen Trail, you will get to see a riot of colours on offer. The colours of the collection are almost always chosen based on the inspiration for the season and what colours will work the design elements. And that is how the theme is born!

  3. Fine sourcing

    In order to ensure that every linen shirt, every linen pant that we offer is a sample of perfection, we ascertain that only the finest linen is used. Made from high-grade European flax, this linen is just what we need to bring our designs to life. The sourcing is done in tandem with the design theme and the colour palette that has been finalised. When the foundation of the fabric is perfect, the final product will also be perfect!

  4. Linius wash

    When we use 100% linen, it is important to remember that raw linen can be slightly rough to the touch and stiff as well. In order to get the fabric to the kind of texture and feel that we want, the fabric undergoes a linius wash. Through this wash, not only are we able to achieve the correct hand feel, but the finished product also has that incredible fall. More importantly, this wash ensures that all shrinkage is removed and we are left with fabric that is super soft and incredibly comfortable.

  5. Precision crafting

    This is when the fabric and the design finally reach into the hands of our incredibly talented and experienced manufacturing team. The patterns of the design are the blueprints, using which each garment is carefully constructed. Given that there is zero tolerance for error, our team has understood the need for perfection, every time. Total attention is paid during cutting, stitching and finishing to ensure a flawless garment for you.

  6. Refinement

    The final step is the garment reaching the hands of our quality control team. They give every garment a thorough checking, ensuring there are no stray threads, all buttons are fixed properly and every stitch is exactly where it is supposed to be.

Why will your pure linen wardrobe last a lifetime

Given that we pay as much attention as we do to every step of our design and manufacturing process, we can assure you that you will get to see perfection in any garment that you purchase from us. And as long as you take proper care of these, you can be quietly confident that these will last you a lifetime, because that is how linen is. This sustainable fabric has been around for centuries and is known to last – all we have done is bring it back to the modern times!


Why is the washing process so important?
Linen in its pure and raw form can be slightly rough and thick – when it is washed, not only does it reduce the chances of shrinkage, but also makes the fabric softer and gives it a better fall and hand feel.

Do all of your garments go through quality checks?
Absolutely! Every garment that is created goes through stringent quality checks and only when it wins 100% approval is it sent.

What is the design process?
Our design team spends an immense amount of time watching global trends and understanding that inspiration can come from anywhere. The designs are created very carefully, ensuring style and comfort.

What happens during the quality check?
During a quality check, the entire garment is given a careful look through – if the buttons are stitched properly, if there are any loose or stray threads, if any stains have appeared during stitching and so on.

What kind of linen is used at Linen Trail?
We use 100% pure linen obtained from European flax.