Celebrating Father’s Day With Linen Trail – Men’s Linen Fashion For Your Father!


Songs are sung in praise of mothers, but how many songs do you know about fathers? 

So much is spoken about the pain that a mother goes through to bring a baby into the world, but who thinks about the worry and pain that a father goes through, while his baby is being born?

We speak volumes about the sacrifices that mothers make for their children, but who pays heed to the sacrifices a father makes?

When a baby comes into the world – the woman becomes a mother and the man becomes a father too. As soon as the responsibility comes to their head, they are constantly in a state of worry, because they want to give their child the best life possible. 

Just like we make an effort to celebrate our mothers, we really need to put in the same for our fathers too! This Father’s Day, go beyond just the regular Father’s Day gifts; remind your father he's a true gentleman, today and every day. 

At Linen Trail, we understand how important dads are, which is why, this year, we have curated a range of looks that will make him look and more importantly, feel great! 

After all, our superheroes need to know how special they are!  

Linen Trail brings you dad styling tips

Whether your father is already a fashion expert or is a complete newbie, adding a few pieces from Linen Trail is sure to make him look so much better. The pure linen that we offer will feel soft against his skin and he will get to enjoy the quiet luxury that he deserves to enjoy after so many years of working hard. Our garments are created to offer you not just comfort, but high-end fashion as well and given the quality of our linen, you can be sure that these clothes will remain just as stylish for the longest time! 

For the fashion-forward as well as the newly initiated, here are some looks that we have curated, which will be perfect for your dad!

The Billionaire Next Door Look

The bank balance doesn’t matter because dads are billionaires at heart and when you want that to reflect in the look too, you will want to try this curated look. Pick one of our Thomas mens linen shirts and wear it with olive linen shorts and to create that billionaire next door look, add a Fedora hat! A classic leather duffle bag and some classy brown sandals will ensure that your dad looks and feels the part!  

The Quintessential Classic Look 

Linen is all about luxury, but it is also about being true to the classics – when you see this classic look, you will know just what we mean. When you team our Evan moss green linen t-shirt with our Reed beige shorts, you have a look that is easy to wear and easier to carry. A smart looking watch, some cool brown sunglasses and a pair of comfortable white sneakers are all that your dad will need to ace this look. 

The Boss Man Look

Whether your dad is still working or retired, this boss man look will make your dad feel like the boss man he is! Our Ian military green chinos will be the base of the look, which you can team with a plain white t-shirt and add the Wade black linen jacket. A pair of brown Oxford shoes is all that you will need to complete the look. 

The Urban Nomad Look

This look is a homage to the father who is constantly on the move – the urban nomad in him will certainly enjoy this look! Start with a plain white t-shirt that you would want to team with our classic beige trousers and then wear our Thomas coffee brown shirt, leaving it unbuttoned. Wear some comfortable white sneakers, classy brown sunglasses and the urban nomad look stands complete! 

The Surfside Dad Look

Your dad deserves a break too and what better than a holiday by the beach? Even if you are only taking him out for a movie, there is no reason why he can’t rock the beachside look! Team our Jayden white linen hoodie with the super comfortable beige shorts and to complete the look, you will need brown sandals. Add some beaded stacked bracelets and some stylish sunglasses and your dad will be ready to rock!

At Linen Trail, we believe in celebrating fatherhood every day—because showing our appreciation shouldn't be limited to just one day. Now that we have given you plenty of ideas for Father's Day gifts, it’s time for you to get shopping and make sure you take advantage our discounted rates too!