Presenting our brand-new women's linen clothing range!

Who said pure linen was meant only for men?

At Linen Trail, we are all about being inclusive, which is why, we are proud to present our brand spanking new collection of women's linen clothing range! 

While we were perfecting our craft in terms of men’s wear, we were also striving towards creating a collection that would cater to women. We wanted to bring outfits and options that would match the sensibilities of the modern woman; someone who wants classy style, without having to compromise on comfort. 

Explore our women's linen clothing range

So, what can you expect from our linen women's clothing range? Pretty much everything that you have seen, experienced and enjoyed with the men’s collection! 

  • We have ensured that we use the same superior quality European linen to craft every product. The linen is pre-treated and pre-shrunk, ensuring that you get that soft skin feel, as well as worry free usage!
  • Every outfit that you see has been designed with a lot of care, keeping in line with global fashion trends. The designs are brought to life by our talented and experienced tailors, who ensure perfection in every product. 
  • From outfits that are perfect for the office, to those that you will want to flaunt on your Sunday brunch to sets that are vacation ready, there is something for everyone! 
  • Staying in tune with our commitment to being a quiet luxury brand, we have stuck to a colour palette that can be best described as elegant and classy! 
  • Our size selection starts from XS and goes all the way to XL! 

Luxurious linen tops for women

You can never have enough tops and when you have access to some of the finest linen tops for women, you just might not want to stop! We bring to you a selection of tops, each of which has a finger on modern fashion trends. 

Whether you are looking for something that is perfect for office, or something that will look great for a day out with the family. There are traditional looking tops as well as those which are edgy and modish – sleeveless to long sleeves, we have created a collection that will cater to every fashion sense. 

Buttoned shirts and seamless tops, no matter what you are on the lookout for, we probably have it in our listing already!

Strut in style with our linen trousers for women

There is something about finding the right type of trousers – when they fit you like a dream, you have a pep in your step and you know that your look will truly be complete. We bring to you a variety of linen pants for women; there are the tapered pants, which are perfect for when you want to project an image of strength and style. 

Then we bring to you the flared pants, which are extremely flattering and offer you a tailored silhouette too. And in case you are in the mood for something a little whimsical, why not try our cropped pants, which are an ode to the very fashionable cigarette pants. 

We have played with not only designs and patterns, but also colours – from the sober and classic grey and white to the playful chocolate brown and military green; there is plenty to choose from. 

 Add a layer of elegance with our linen jackets for women

There are times when simple is enough, but there are also times, when you need to create a look that is effortlessly stylish. When you need to ace the look for an official meeting or have a presentation, where you want to look your absolute best, choose from our selection of linen jackets for women. Designed to offer you immense comfort and incredible style, these jackets are elegance personified and will work well with a multitude of tops. You can wear them over a round or V-neck top or style them with button down shirts; while you can always match them with the same-coloured linen trousers, there is no stopping you from creating your own combinations! 

Easy combos with our linen co-ords for women

When you are all set to unwind and relax or you are just not in the mood to pick separates and create the perfect combination, our linen co ords for women will come to your rescue! These classy coordinated sets are designed for every occasion and taste – the sophisticated full sleeve shirt and pant set is perfect for office and formal occasions. You will love wearing the sleeveless tops and trousers coord set for your lunch and dinner parties. The short sleeves and shorts sets are just what you need for when you are off to a holiday on the beach and the skirt coord set is perfect for those days, when you want to look awesome with minimal effort! 

Come to Linen Trail and check out our women's linen clothing and experience clothing that is exquisite, elegant and sustainable too!