Reasons Why We Love Linen Better Than Cotton!

What makes linen better than cotton?

We have pondered over scientific studies and the real-life usability of both these fabrics. Hence, we plan on sharing some top-drawer insights through our lens. 
We understand that clothing is a personal preference and you can certainly choose from a wide variety of fabrics. But, we would like to help you make a better choice by familiarising you with the statement- ‘why linen is better than cotton.’
Before we dive into our reasons, let us peek into some aspects that are bound to give us some fascinating insights.

Did you know that linen is one of the oldest fabrics?

Yes, we are beginning with the life story of the 'linen textile'. The use of linen is documented well over 30,000 years! That's right folks, we are talking about ancient Egyptians using this natural fabric. 
Practically, linen is obtained by processing the stalk of the Flax plant. This plant has helped us produce textile fibre since forever. In fact, before the rise of the cotton industry, linen was actually on the top of everyone's buying list.  
But despite its long-standing history and utility, the question remains - why has linen always been a second choice when it comes to clothing? It’s definitely due to the lack of awareness.  
As of today, it is available in almost all the countries around the world. The bulk production decreases the cost and value, but that does not mean the eliteness of this fabric is lost.

We here at Linen Trail believe in producing sustainable pure linen products that are made from European flax. Crafting quality linen clothing is certainly our prime focus! 

What makes Linen a sought-after material?

Let's start with linen's strength-structure…

Flax fibres are typically stronger than cotton ones, hence natural linen has an upper hand in the strength aspect. Natural linen is rigid due to the long and firmly encircled cellulose fibres that are a part of the linen yarn. The firm wrapping of linen fibres drastically increases its durability, a trait that cotton yarn seems to lag. This feature adds linen to the list of sustainable fabrics

Recently, we have launched a collection of hand-embroidered pure linen shirts by the women of the Toda Tribe. To answer your next question, are linen shirts actually good? Yes, they are! Would you like to check out some of our best linen shirts? You can peruse through our latest linen collection as well.

Comfort is everything, right?

Now, practically cotton fabric is inherently softer than linen, meaning the threads will start pulling off faster and the fabric may not last as long as expected. Whereas linen tends to turn softer after multiple washes and as concluded earlier, it certainly lasts longer.
After researching we found out that linen is actually a better option - considering it creates a better microclimate for our skin. The loose weave and lower thread count in linen do not allow a large number of dust particles to settle in.
This also makes linen a part of the anti-bacterial fabric pact! What more do you need? It’s durable, softer and comfortable.
Currently, the pandemic has forced us into making essential-mindful purchases. One of those essentials being loungewear! We have to make sure that whatever we buy next, falls under the safe and sustainable clothing category. Hence, we have a 100% pure linen , that’s super comfy and is meant for the fashionable you!

You can wear linen all-year-round....

Contrary to popular belief, linen is not just a summer fabric. Its thermos regulatory properties make it an equally suitable winter garment. But during colder months, layering is a must.
Every fabric feels different during the year, depending upon the season. The same goes for cotton and linen. But linen is better when it comes to minimal water absorption and it also dries up faster, making it a perfect choice for the warmer days. You can certainly wear your breathable linen shirt without a hitch!
Honestly, we think you can wear linen anywhere, anytime.
What's stopping you?
Hop onto our Linen Trail journey today!