This Festive Season Let’s Go With Linen Festival Wear For Men!

When you think of Indian festival outfits, chances are that almost immediately, it is women’s wear and children’s clothing that comes rushing to your mind. Aren’t they always the ones who get the new clothes that look all sparkly and shiny and pretty? 

And men? Well, they would probably get a new shirt or kurta or they might just fish out something that they haven’t worn in a long time. 

Times are changing, because the metrosexual man of today, wants nothing but the best for himself and when the festive season arrives, he wants to be dressed to the nines too!

However, not everyone wants those typical men’s festival outfits, with the loud colours and satin sheen. The more discerning shopper probably knows that quality lies that which is understated and elegant. That kind of shopper would love what we have to offer!

Welcome to the world of Linen Trail, where you will find clothing trends that are perfect for the festive season, including linen festival clothing that will make you the cynosure of all attention!

Is linen festival worthy?

Now, we often get asked a lot of questions about how linen can be festival worthy? After all, isn’t this fabric known for getting wrinkled and aren’t the colours mostly really dull?

  1. The wrinkling or the crushing is actually part of the experience of wearing really high-grade linen. The crushing actually happens in accordance with your body – the crushes will give you an enhanced amount of comfort. And then, isn’t the carefully careless look the totally ‘in' thing! 
  2. If you thought that linen was available only in whites and beiges, think again! Rather scroll through our collections and you will see that we are truly festival ready. Our vibrant greens, regal purples, earthy oranges and soothing pinks are all the Diwali fashion that you might need. 

So, what all do we offer?

When you come to our store, you will see that we have pretty much everything that you need to build a really classy wardrobe. There are shirts, both full sleeved and half sleeved, there are kurtas, pants, cargos, shorts and even co-ord sets! All of them are crafted with the highest quality linen, which will give you ultimate comfort, incredible breathability and the understated style that you are always looking for. And then there is the fact that linen is not only the better choice for you, but also for the planet, because of its sustainable nature and its ease of cultivation. 

But how does one get festival ready?

Raksha Bandhan is over, which means that its festival time for Indians, no matter which part of the world they are in. Ganesh Chaturthi will arrive in no time, and then soon will follow the nine days of Navratri and finally Diwali! Each of these festivals has a special spot in the heart of Indians and festivity means good clothes. Here are just some ideas in which you can use our collections this festive season:

  • If you come from the southern parts of India, chances are that you might be wearing the traditional dhoti/veshti/mundu for the festive season. In case that is your choice of bottom wear, then you are in luck, because we have a huge variety in terms of shirts – the half sleeve shirts are perfect to be teamed with dhotis and even the long-sleeved shirts can work really well. You can either choose to go for a monochromatic look by picking beiges and whites or you can go to the other end of the colour spectrum and go for the most vibrant colours. 

  • But what if you are planning to wear pyjamas; shirts aren’t going to look nice with pyjamas, will they? Well, we feel that our selection of kurtas is perfect linen festival wear for men, because they are just the right amount of traditional! There is so much choice in terms of colours, prints and patterns and then there is the button work! Whether you want to go with the short kurtas or you want the more festive long kurtas, that is a choice that we would leave with you. As a matter of fact, we would suggest that you pick something from both – they will most certainly come in handy even for non-festive occasions. 


  • Now how can we forget those who want functional style and absolute comfort, even during the festive season! Like we said, we also offer a large array of pants and trousers, made with fine quality linen, which will look great and feel even better! Whether you choose our formal pants to team with full or short sleeved shirts or the more casual travel pants, which are perfect to team with kurtas, you can be sure that you will be the focus of a lot of attention! You can browse through our website to create your own linen festival outfit ideas by mixing and matching all that we have on offer. 

At Linen Trail, our aim is to help you create that perfect wardrobe that is ready for any and all occasions; whether it’s a normal day at work or it’s a chance to show off your Diwali style, we want to bring it all to you. Along the way, we also want to do what is better for the planet, so, why don’t you also give linen a shot this festive season!