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      Harvey Short Sleeve Shirts

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      Unleash your style statement with our Harvey half sleeve linen shirts

      There are times in your week when you need linen formal shirts for men – when you are heading to work or are getting ready for an important presentation, you need to look sharp, and there is something about formal full sleeve shirts that just does it. However, there are times when you want to unleash the inner style star and you want to enjoy that laid-back look. In times like these, you will want mens half sleeve linen shirts that allow you to unwind and relax. While it might be easy to find shirts that seem stylish and trendy, it is also important to choose something that keeps you feeling cool and comfortable all day long and ideally matches your notions of sustainability as well.

      Linen Trail brings to you high-quality pure linen shirts that are perfect for anytime wearing – linen being one of the most sustainable fabrics in the world is a truly better choice in all terms. Unlike cotton, linen does not require as much water, requires almost no artificial fertilisers, is highly resistant to pests, and is the better choice for your body too. With incredible moisture-wicking properties, linen is also known to be hypoallergenic, which means that even people with sensitive skin can wear our shirts with ease!

      Styling comes easy with Harvey short sleeve linen shirt for men

      When you choose to pick the Harvey linen half sleeve shirts, you are choosing style and substance – these shirts are designed to add a quiet luxury to your wardrobe, allowing you the option of having something to wear for almost every occasion. What makes our linen shirts so much more special is the fact that they are hand-created to perfection – everything from the fabric to the design, from the stitching to the finishing, we make sure that we take care at every step to offer you a product that you can love and enjoy!

      The perfect linen short sleeve shirt for occasion

      • Even though these are half sleeve shirts, you can wear them to work – team the shirts with a pair of well-tailored trousers and you have a semi-formal look that is perfect for regular work days.
      • If you have a presentation or a meeting, then you can continue with the same look but add a formal jacket and you have a more serious look.
      • You are meeting your friends for a cup of coffee, then too a dark coloured short sleeve linen shirt teamed with light colours pants, khakis or chinos will be a good choice. Alternately, you can consider a light shirt with dark bottoms; our shirts work really well with denims too.
      • When you are off on a vacation, these shirts will prove to be a great choice – wear them as is or as a shacket over an organic tee. Pair them with shorts or linen travel pants and you will have that cool casual look.
      • Even if you are headed for a wedding, these linen shirts for men are a good choice – whether you wear them with light coloured formal trousers or a traditional dhoti, you can be sure that you will capture plenty of attention.

      Discover a world of colours with our linen stylish shirts for men

      For most people, the world of men’s fashion tends to be a slightly bland one – they feel that men have little in terms of options and even the designs are simplistic. However, when you come to Linen Trail, you will get to see a true rainbow of colours and an immense variety in terms of styles too. From interesting collars to pockets, there is so much to pick and choose from. We offer you the basics yet classics – there is black and white and then there is the more subtle version of white which is ivory. These are all colours that work great for literally every occasion, business, and pleasure! Then there are the blues – for most people, blue tends to stop at navy and sky, but when you come to Linen Trail, you will get to pick linen trending shirts for men in denim blue, cyan, shutter blue, peacock blue, and even blue-grey. You could actually wear a different shade of blue each day of the week!


      • Will the Harvey pure linen shirts for men work with shorts?
        Yes, because these shirts have short sleeves, they are great with shorts. They are perfect vacation wear, and you can wear them around town as well.
      • What colours are considered suitable for office?
        Actually, you can wear pretty much any colour to work as long as you team it with the right colour. However, shades like sky blue, white, black, ivory, grey, and navy are really good options for formal wear.
      • Which shirt is best: full sleeve or half sleeve?
        It depends on the occasion – while for formal situations you might want to choose full sleeves, but there are times when half sleeves will work just as well.
      • Can we wear Harvey half sleeve shirt as formal?
        Yes, you can wear our Harvey half sleeve shirts for formal occasions too – match them with tailored formal pants and add some formal shoes to complete the look.
      • What do you wear with a half sleeve shirt?
        You can create multiple looks with our men's half sleeve linen shirts – with formal pants you are ready for the office, with jeans you are ready for a night out, and with shorts you are ready to holiday!
      • How do I wash the Harvey half sleeve linen shirts?
        You can machine or hand wash the Harvey short sleeve linen shirt – use room temperature water, a mild cleaning agent, and a gentle cycle on the machine.