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      Kurta Shirts

      Kurta Shirts for Men

      Cool, casual couture comes alive with our linen kurta shirt for men

      There are times for formal wear and for casual wear and then there are times when you need something with an ethnic feel; and then there are times when you need something that sits in between all this. You have a family event, where you want something that looks elegant enough, but you don’t want to get into the hassle of something overly formal either! Presenting our stylish linen kurta shirt for men – the perfect amalgamation of formal, casual and that right touch of ethnic! This kurta shirt has been designed to give you the same comfort that you would have come to expect from all our clothing. What makes this kurta shirt so wonderful and so perfect to be added to your wardrobe is the fact that it works for almost every occasion – as long as you style it right, you can use the same shirt for formal, casual and festive wear. And at Linen Trail, we bring you options aplenty – whether it is a specific size or a particular colour that you are looking for, we are quietly confident that you will find it here. Check out our collection of linen kurta shirts today and pick the ones you like!

      Here’s why the men's linen kurta shirt stands out!

      • Well, for starters, these are the perfect combination of casual comfort and ethnic – this means that they are suitable for a variety of occasions.
      • Because they are a blend of casual and ethnic, there are so many ways in which you can style them – whether you wear them with tailored linen trousers or you choose to wear them with a traditional dhoti, you can be sure that it will look really great!
      • They offer classy elegance with little to no effort – because they are designed to look like a kurta and wear like a shirt or vice versa, you can feel ultimate comfort.
      • Made with high-quality linen, these linen kurta shirts are supremely comfortable – so even when you are wearing them all day long at a family event, you can be certain that you will feel comfortable.
      • Shop at Linen Trail and you will get plenty of options in terms of colours and sizes too; whether you are looking for something light or dark, a small size or an extra-large, you will get it here!

      Easy shopping at Linen Trail for kurta shirt for men

      Shopping at Linen Trail is an experience because of more reasons than one! When you come to us, you can be sure that you will get what your heart desires and it will be easy – all you have to do is keep a few simple pointers in mind, while making your choice:

      • Consider the colour – The colour of your kurta shirt is important because there is a colour that is appropriate for each event. At Linen Trail, you get to pick and choose from a range of colour options.
      • Settle on your size – Size does matter; too loose and you will float around inside the shirt, too tight and you will feel seriously uncomfortable in it. We suggest that you measure yourself and then check against the size guide that we have on our website, before you finalize on your size.
      • Play with the pattern – Although you might be able to find prints and patterns in kurta shirts, there is something about monochrome! It is not only the most elegant of options, it is also one of the easiest to pull off for most people. At Linen Trail, we like the subtle sophistication that single colours offer, which is why you will find plenty of single colour kurta shirts on our website.
      • Sleeve selection – What makes a kurta shirt what it is, is probably the sleeve length – the full sleeve offers the style that you want for your ethnic look, while it also gives it that stylish shirt look! And of course, if you want, you can always roll up the sleeves to create the most casual look.
      • On point with the occasion – Our shirt kurta for men is perfect for almost every occasion – whether you are headed for a holiday or a wedding, whether you want to style it for office or for a fun day out with your family, this shirt can do it all!

      Keep those linen kurta shirts looking great for the longest time

      In case you thought that maintaining a linen kurta shirt is a tough task, think again – these are super easy to wear and even easier to maintain. Our kurta shirts are hand and machine washable:

      • Remember to separate light and dark colours.
      • Set the washing machine on a gentle cycle.
      • Use regular temperature water – never hot water.
      • Use a gentle cleaning product.

      When drying the kurta shirt:

      • Do not hang directly on the clothes line.
      • Lay it out flat or on a hanger.
      • Dry the shirt in the shade, rather than direct sunlight.

      Although these shirts do not need starching, you can choose to do it should you want. Dilute a capful of starch in a bucket of water and soak the shirt for 10-15 minutes and then dry. While the fine lines and creases of linen are its trademark, some people like to iron their linen. If you want the same, iron the shirt while it is slightly damp or spray some water before ironing.


      • Where should linen kurta shirt for men be worn?
        Our shirt style short kurta for men can be worn almost everywhere – you can wear it for formal, casual and ethnic occasions.
      • Does kurta shirt work well with denim?
        Oh yes, our kurta shirts can work very well with denim.
      • How can you take care of your kurta shirt?
        You can hand or machine wash these linen kurta shirts, but remember to separate lights and darks and use a gentle cleaning agent and gentle cycle on the machine.
      • Can men wear linen kurta shirt to a wedding?
        Yes, you can team the kurta shirt with formal trousers or even linen pajamas to create an ethnic look.
      • Can linen kurta shirt be paired with different lowers for men?
        Absolutely – our linen kurta shirts work well with trousers, denim, dhotis and even shorts!
      • Is it ok to wear a linen kurta shirt to office?
        Yes, you can keep the sleeves rolled out and pair the linen kurta shirt with formal well-tailored pants for a formal look.