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      Beat the heat with casual cool pure linen t-shirts

      When the summers come knocking, there is almost a desire to not wear complete clothes – the biting heat and the unending sweat is irritating to say the least. As tempting as the idea of walking around in shorts and vests might be, you might not be able to do that everywhere. This is probably one of the reasons why t-shirts are so popular during the summers – they are easier on the skin, tend to be looser fitting and allow your skin to breathe. If you come to Linen Trail, you will find some absolutely stunning pure linen t-shirts, which are sheer perfection for not only the summer months, but anytime of the year.

      At Linen Trail, our aim is to utilise the finest quality European linen and use that as a canvas for our designs to come to life! Whether you are looking for formal shirts that will allow you to blend in seamlessly in your work environment or casual short sleeve shirts that are perfect for those days out with family and friends, we have something for your every need. And when those hot days start to get hotter, we bring to you super comfortable linen mens t shirts, that are not only on point in terms of style, but also extremely easy to wear. Fabric that will soothe your body and colours that will soothe your eyes – these linen t-shirts are a match made in heaven!

      Stand apart with our men's linen t-shirts

      In case you are wondering why you should invest in Linen Trail’s range of linen t-shirts for men, there are plenty of reasons and the fact that you will look great in them, is just one of them!

      • Each of our mens linen t shirts is handcrafted using the finest quality European linen – the fabric is so soft that it will feel like wearing nothing at all.
      • The designs are truly modern – you would have seen plenty of collared and front open style tshirts, but none with a zipper on the shoulder!
      • Whether you want something simple and pastel or you want a statement piece, you will find it here. There are t-shirts that are solid coloured and then there are also t-shirts which have a contrasting pocket, bringing the t-shirt to life!
      • Linen is one of the most skin friendly fabrics in the world – it is hypoallergenic, which means that even people with extremely sensitive skin can wear it without fear.
      • One of the main reasons why linen is so perfect for the summer months is because linen is known for its moisture wicking abilities – this means that it can keep a control over the sweat.

      Style our linen tshirts for men with ease

      Having really classy looking t-shirts is step one to creating multiple great looks and when you have access to our collection of linen t shirts for men, its all the more convenient. Here are some easy ways to style our selection of linen t-shirts:

      • If you are planning to run around town, you can choose to wear these t-shirts with your favourite pair of denims. Add some sneakers and you are ready!
      • Should you be invited to a party, where you are not really required to dress up too much, these t-shirts will work perfectly with tailored trousers and some smart shoes.
      • When you are headed on a holiday, these t-shirts will pair perfectly with our linen travel pants – comfort on comfort is sure to make you look and feel great.
      • These t-shirts can work really well with our linen shorts as well – whether you are planning to lounge at home with friends or you want to head for a brunch.
      • And when you are jet setting, you can wear this same t-shirt along with joggers and a jacket on top! Some sneakers and sunglasses will help you complete the look.

      Points to ponder when shopping for linen t shirts for men

      When you are looking to invest in men's linen t-shirts, there are a few points that you need to keep in mind:

      • Start by ensuring that the fabric used is high quality linen – ideally it should be European linen because that is the highest quality and best grade.
      • Check the LEA count – this is similar to a thread count, so higher the count, the finer and thinner the fabric will be.
      • Ensure that the design is modern and trending – after all, when you step out, you want to do so in true style.
      • Check the stitching and finishing – any stray threads, disparity in the stitching, zippers and buttons not fixed properly are all red flags that this might not be the best choice for you.
      • Your size and the fit also matter; remember to check the size or fit guide, before making the investment. A proper fit will ensure that you look good and feel comfortable, no matter how long you wear the linen tshirts for men.
      • You might also want to consider your budget – quality comes with a price tag, but you will not want to break the bank to pick a classy looking t-shirt.


      • Is a linen t-shirt better than a cotton t-shirt? Absolutely! Linen is any day better than cotton, because not only is it a more sustainable fabric, it is also better for your skin. When you wear our men linen t shirts, you can feel what absolute comfort feels like. The breathable fabric will keep you feeling cool and comfortable.
      • Are linen t-shirts good quality? If you are buying your linen t-shirts from Linen Trail, then absolutely. We offer only the finest quality European linen, which is then crafted into modern and trending designs. When taken care of, our linen t-shirts will last you a really long time!
      • When should men wear linen t-shirts? Our linen t-shirts can be worn anytime and anywhere; however, they are perfect for the summers.
      • Are linen t-shirts itchy? Ours aren’t! We ensure that our linen is pre-treated and pre-shrunk, which means that you can wear our tshirts with ease and confidence.
      • How do I choose a good linen tshirt? When you are looking to invest in a linen tshirt, you need to make sure that you pay attention to the fabric, stitching and overall design. At Linen Trail, you will be able to pick and choose from a huge selection of superior quality linen t-shirts for men.
      • How do I wash and care for my linen t-shirts? You can hand or machine wash our linen, but we suggest that you use regular temperature water and a mild cleaning agent. Remember to keep the machine on a gentle setting and lay the clothes out flat and in the shade, to dry.