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      The Beige Collection

      The classy cool comes alive with our beige linen collection

      When you think of linen, chances are that you think of the colour beige – there is something so calm and pleasing about this colour and no matter what your age or build, this is a colour that everyone can pull off. At Linen Trail, you will be able to find a large collection of linen that comes in the most natural shade of nature, beige. And when we say our collection is large, we mean it – whether you are looking for a beige color linen shirt that you can wear to work or you want a beige linen jacket that will be your ideal travel partner, we have it all for you.

      What makes the clothes at Linen Trail so special is our commitment to bringing slow fashion back – rather than creating in bulk and offering you clothes with no soul, we choose to hand craft every piece and ensure that there is perfection in everything we offer. So, when you buy a garment from us, you can be sure that it will last you a lifetime and still keep you in times with the latest fashion trends.

      Adding easy sophistication with the men beige linen shirt

      There are some colours in the colour wheel that are considered timeless and suitable for almost all occasions – beige definitely has to be one of them. This is a colour that is simple yet elegant and it is easy to mix and match with so many other shades too, making this a wonderful addition to your wardrobe. Here are just some ideas on how you can create multiple looks with a beige linen shirt:

      • When you want to go for simple elegance, you can match a linen beige shirt with black linen trousers.
      • Should you want something that is fun and funky, wear the beige shirt with white linen travel pants.
      • A Being linen shirt will also work really well with jeans and joggers, for when you are travelling.

      What is wonderful about choosing a beige shirt from the Linen Trail collection is that you can wear it for formal and casual occasions and it is great to take with you on vacation too!

      Festival pictures will look perfect with our beige linen kurta collection

      When the festival season comes knocking, you need something that looks great and suitable for the occasion, but you do want comfort on top. After all, who would want to be bogged down with heavy clothing? So, why not consider a subtle beige linen kurta from our collections, which is just the right amount of festive, and all of elegance!

    • Pick a beige kurta that you can mix and match with the bottom wear of your choice to create multiple looks - team it with white linen pants or maybe a black trouser.
    • In case you are not sure of how to create combinations, just pick something from our kurta sets, where we have done the thinking for you.
    • Stay ever ready with the beige linen joggers and shorts

      For most people, linen and beige tend to stop at shirts, but when you come to Linen Trail, you will see that there is a lot more to the world of beige clothing. Allow us to introduce to you, our collection of beige bottom wear – and we do have it all; this means that you can pick not only super comfortable beige linen shorts that are perfect for lounging around the home, heading to the movies or even to the beach. And when you are looking for beige linen joggers that you can wear when you are running around town completing chores or jet-setting from one location to another, then too, this is where you will be able to find them.

      At our store, you will see that even beige has shades – from the lightest to the one that is just a tad bit darker and you can pick the beige shorts, pants, trousers or joggers that catch your fancy the most.

      Spice up your wardrobe with beige linen jacket and co ord sets!

      While shirts and trousers are the essentials for your wardrobe, these are not only the only things you will be needing – for instance, you will want to add:

      • A long being linen jacket that you can use when you are travelling, because it can offer you a sense of warmth and also double up as a semi-formal dinner jacket, should the need be.
      • A short linen jacket that is perfectly cool and casual and is a good option for when you want to head for a movie or a day drive!
      • A beige co ord set that will work great for when you want to ace that chic casual look on your holiday. What is great about our co ord sets is that you can wear it as is or use the pieces to create other combinations too!
      • Is it OK to wear a beige linen shirt at night?
        Linen is great for any time of the day! You can wear it morning, noon or night and you will look good and feel comfortable. And beige is a colour that works well for the day as well as night.
      • Can men wear a beige linen shirt with linen pants?
        Absolutely! You can team a beige linen shirt with beige or black or even white linen pants. Linen goes very well with linen and we suggest you try out the combination.
      • Is linen stronger than cotton?
        Good quality linen is – the fibres of linen are thicker, which is what makes the fabric stronger and if taken proper care of, linen can last pretty much a lifetime.
      • Does linen shrink after washing?
        If you are picking linen from Linen Trail, you need not worry about shrinkage, because we pre-wash our fabric to remove all traces of shrinkage.
      • Will my beige linen kurta wrinkle after ironing?
        Use a little starch before drying and ironing and your linen should remain crisp and stiff looking for a longer time; but linen is known for its creasing.
      • Is a beige linen shirt considered formal or casual?
        Depends on how you style it – if you choose beige shirt linen in full sleeves, it would work well for formal wear, while half sleeves is ideal for casual wear.