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      The Black Collection

      Keep the mystery alive with our black linen wear


      There is something that is incredibly smart, stylish and slightly mysterious about the colour black – this is a colour that works with almost every skin tone and there is literally no occasion where this colour does not work. When you are building your wardrobe, you need to make sure that you spend some time at Linen Trail, because this is where the best of black can be found. Whether you are looking for shirts, trousers, shorts, kurtas or joggers, this is where you will be able to find quality as well as options. When you choose to shop at Linen Trail, you are choosing slow fashion – a promise to protect the planet, without compromising on your style statement. 

      Chic couture comes easy with mens black linen shirts


      If you were to ever create a list of must haves in your wardrobe, then black linen shirts are sure to make an appearance in that list. A well-tailored black shirt is an asset in your collection; you can style it in so many ways. Here are just some of the ways in which you can style a black shirt:

      • Black is a great colour to wear to work – team it with a lighter colour trouser, such as beige or light brown, add a stylish belt and formal shoes and you are ready for the boardroom. 
      • When you choose a black linen half sleeves shirt for a casual occasion, you can pair it either with your favourite pair of jeans or a light-coloured linen pants. You can add some stylish sneakers to complete the look! 
      • As a matter of fact, your favourite linen shirts in black will work really well even with shorts and joggers, because they are so incredibly versatile. 

      Why the office wardrobe needs black linen trousers

      There will certainly be those who would ask why is the black linen trousers are such an essential in the office or formal wardrobe. For starters, there is something really elegant and posh about the colour black and when you pick a pair of well tailored trousers in this colour, you are making the better choice for yourself and the planet too. Linen, being a sustainable fabric, is definitely the better option for earth, and because it is highly breathable and hypoallergenic, making it ideal even for those who have sensitive skin. 

      Here are some other reasons why every wardrobe needs a full sleeve linen shirt in black:

      • This is the easiest way to look classic and sophisticated – whether you team a light shirt with it or even a black shirt, it will work. 
      • When you have a casual day at work, the same black trousers can be teamed with an organic tee or casual shirt. 
      • Black works in every weather – and if you thought that your black linen trousers would not work in the summers, think again, because linen is highly breathable! 
      • In general, wrinkles are harder to spot on darker colours, which means that when you wear black trousers, the wrinkles might not be easily visible, allowing you to wear it with ease, all day long. 

      Going traditional with the black linen black kurta for men

      In case you were thinking that at Linen Trail, we were only about linen shirts, you would be mistaken, because we are a brand that aims at creating an entire wardrobe for you. This is why, when you come to our store, you will find not only shirts, but also black linen kurtas that are elegant and perfect for those traditional events. Whether you team the black kurta with pyjamas or you want to go for that touch of practical, by pairing it with trousers, you can be sure that our black kurtas will make you stand apart in a crowd. 

      Moreover, we offer you kurtas that are simple and short as well as kurtas that are more designer in nature, with double pockets and intricate buttons. And in case you want a kurta set in black, we have that too! 

      Stock up on black linen joggers and more!

      While we have an extensive collection of black linen shirts, we also stock just as many options in terms of bottom wear, because what would a wardrobe, without a choice of trousers, travel pants, joggers, jackets and shorts. Take a sneak peek into all that we bring to you:

      • We believe that you need to have at least one pair of black linen joggers, because these are perfect for those days out or for when you are travelling. Choose to team them with t-shirts, shirts or even kurtas; that is a choice we leave to you! 
      • You should also have at least one co ord set, because these are wonderful options for the days when you don’t want to put in the effort. Team our black linen co ord set with a light coloured tee, put on your favourite sneakers and you are done! 
      • And how can you forget the most stylish and easy to wear shorts? At Linen Trail, you can find black linen shorts, which are easy to maintain and easier to wear!
      • Yet another essential that we feel you must have in your wardrobe would be the black jacket - short or long that is a choice we leave with you.  


      • What colour linen shirt is the best option?

      Although colour is a personal choice, there is something special about black linen. This colour is very versatile and can work well for a range of occasions. 

      • Is a black linen shirt better than a cotton shirt?

      Linen is always better than cotton, because linen is more sustainable and part of the slow fashion movement. Moreover, linen is hypoallergenic and more breathable than cotton. 

      • What can you wear with black linen trousers?

      Black is versatile colour, which means that you can wear a range of colours with it – whether you choose to pair it with light coloured shirts or dark ones, the choice is yours. Even an all black look can work well! 

      • Is black linen a bad choice for summers?

      Not really – although black is known to absorb heat, linen is highly breathable, making it a good choice for the summers. 

      • Does any special care need to be taken while washing black linen?

      Ideally, dark colours should be washed with dark colours; do not use any harsh detergents and wash with cold or warm water. You should also dry in the shade, because dark colours can fade when under direct sunlight. 

      • Should black linen kurtas be ironed?

      You can choose to iron your linen if you like that crisp look, but the charm of linen lies in its creases and softness.