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      The Festive Edit

      Be festival ready with our linen festive outfits

      A festival is more than just a time of celebration; it is a time to be grateful for so many things in life, it is a time to get together with family and loved ones and of course it is also a time to dress up! Whether it is an actual festival or a special occasion that you want to treat like a festival, how you dress up will have a role to play. Linen festive outfits for men are always a really good choice, because not only is linen suitable for almost all weathers, it is also a truly classic fabric. This means that no matter the occasion, there is a chance that linen will work for it, including all those special occasions such as festivals and even weddings. We at Linen Trail want to help you build that perfectly complete wardrobe – right from what you will need on a day-to-day basis in your professional life to clothing options for your casual outings. Whether you are planning to jet set off to some exotic holiday destination or you have a wedding in the family where you want to make an impression, there are clothing options for literally every need! What makes everything we offer so much more special is the fact that everything is made with premium European linen, which will give you that elegance that you want and the comfort you need!

      Grace the occasion in linen kurtas for festival

      Most people are of the opinion that when it comes to linen festival dress options, there is very limited choice for men. Chances are that they have not ventured onto the Linen Trail website till now, because here we have so much for men to pick and choose from. There is a wide variety of linen kurta for men, each of which has been created with an immense amount of care; each made with high quality linen, these kurtas will give you a modern sensibility, while keeping in touch with our traditional roots. Our selection of linen long kurta for men are great for those typically traditional festivities and occasions – whether it is a pooja at home or a wedding ceremony of a cousin. You can style these long kurtas in a number of ways, because you can wear them with linen trousers, pajamas, dhoti or veshti and you can be sure that you will look great. Or you can pick a linen short kurta for men, which is still traditional in its ethos, but is still a tad bit on the modern side. This is a good choice for those who want to be a little practical as well, because the shorter kurta goes great with linen pants. If you are going to be busy with errands on this festive occasion, then this would be a good choice to go with.

      Leave the matching to us with our ethnic kurta sets men

      Not all men need to be fashion savvy – some men might not be too confident about creating the perfect combination that will make them look great and feel comfortable as well. That is where our festive kurta sets for men come into action! When you browse through our collection, you will see a large number of options, each of which has been crafted with an immense amount of love and care. We have chosen some of the best colours, whether you are looking for pastel and light shades or you want something that is bright and vibrant, you will find it here. Each kurta is made using the finest quality European linen, which will accord you not just immense elegance, but also incredible comfort. This linen is known for being soft and very gentle on the skin. All our kurtas – both short and long – are designed to offer you timeless elegance. Each of these kurtas comes with white linen pajamas, which are a perfect match. So, we have taken away the effort of creating the most elegant combination for your festive and special occasions.

      Style our embroidered linen shirts for festive occasions

      But what if you don’t want to stick to the absolutely traditional? What if you want to look dressy enough, without dressing up too much? Take a look at our embroidered linen shirts and you will see exactly why they are perfect for all those special occasions! The colour combinations that we have chosen for the shirts and embroidery are carefully picked and are sure to make you shine, no matter where you are. Each shirt will have an embroidery pattern that is unique and done with an immense amount of care. You will even find embroidery and thread work done by women of local tribes. And in case you are not in the mood for embroidered shirts, there are plenty of printed linen shirts for men on offer – these will work just as well for all those festive and special occasions.

      Complete the look with pure linen trousers

      Now that you have your embroidered or printed linen shirts ready, you will also need the perfect linen festival trousers to complete your look! After all, no outfit will look and feel complete without the proper bottom wear and at Linen Trail, we bring to you a huge collection of premium linen pants that are perfect to ensure that your look is perfect. You can choose in terms of colours and sizes – whether you want something that is light coloured and will work well with dark coloured kurtas or you want something dark to team perfectly with those pastel shaded kurtas, we bring it all to you!

    • FAQ:
      • What should I wear to a festival?
        It depends on the festival and occasion – however, for most such special occasions, you can consider a really smart linen kurta teamed with pajamas or well tailored pants. For some occasions, you could even look at embroidered or printed shirts, as these will also offer a smart look.
      • How do you look classy at a festival?
        Choose a smart linen kurta and team it with either traditional pajamas, dhoti or tailored pants. Accessorise thoughtfully – sunglasses if it is during the day time, a nice watch and appropriate footwear will add to creating that classy look.
      • Is linen OK to wear to a wedding?
        Of course, if you are a linen shirt or kurta from our store, you can be sure that you will look really great!
      • Is there any special way to wash special occasion linen?
        Our linen has been created to be truly hassle free, which means that you can wash all our clothes in the machine. However, we do suggest that you use a mild cleaning agent and a gentle cycle on the washing machine. Also, you should wash your lights and darks separately.
      • Should I iron my linen kurta before wearing?
        That depends on you – if you like the gentle creases that linen is known for, then wear as it is. However, if you want a crisp look, then you might want to starch and iron the kurta before usage.