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      The White Collection

      Linen Trail

      Create a pristine wardrobe with our white linen collection!

      There are some colours that are considered eternal and forever elegant – white and black definitely fall in that category. White is recognised as a colour of purity and innocence; there is something so clean and fresh about the colour white. At Linen Trail, we too have a special love for white, which is why you will get to see an abundance of white linen shirts for men in our virtual aisles. But we don’t stop at just white shirts, because we know that white is a colour that works in so many different ways. So, when you come to our store, you will get to see a range of shirts, shorts, kurtas, pants, joggers and more in white.

      What is truly wonderful about white clothes is that there are so many ways in which you can style them – it doesn’t matter what the occasion or event is, if you have something in white, chances are that you will look great in it. From board meetings to a casual day out with your friends, from a wedding to vacation, there is literally no time when white is not right!

      Here’s why the crisp white linen shirts for men are a must-have

      There is something about owning white linen shirts – they exude such an amount of grace and elegance that it is easy to style them for a variety of purposes. In case you are wondering ways of styling a white shirt, here are some ideas:

      • Use a white linen full sleeves shirt, teamed with a pair of navy linen formal trousers and you are ready for a normal day at work.
      • Continue with the same combination and add a navy blazer or formal jacket and you are set to storm the boardroom.
      • When you wear this white shirt with dark blue jeans, it is easily one of the most stylishly understated casual looks, that you can put together in a jiffy.
      • Wear the white linen shirt with a pair of khaki pants or even beige linen pants and you are ready to spend the day out with your family.
      • If you have a white linen short sleeves shirt, it is the perfect match with a pair of shorts, for when you are getting ready to head off for a vacation.

      There are multiple ways of styling a white linen shirt – all you really need is some creative thinking and a desire to experiment!

      Why should you invest in a white linen kurta

      So, we have discussed at length about the quintessential white linen shirt, but there is yet another piece of garment that we feel is a must-have in the wardrobe of every man and that is the stunning white linen kurta. There are bound to be occasions that are traditional or festive in nature and when those come knocking, you will want something that is in line with that festive feeling. The white kurta is great for all such special times – whether you choose to wear it with a white or coloured pyjama, team it with light or dark coloured trousers or even pair it with a dhoti, you can be sure to capture plenty of attention.

      Pick some white linen joggers and pants for your collection too

      What is a wardrobe without an appropriate number of bottom wear options and when you choose to shop at Linen Trail, you can be sure that you will find plenty of options in terms of linen trousers, travel pants, shorts, and joggers. There is always a slight apprehension about wearing white in terms of bottom wear because there is a fear of staining or spoiling, but if you are willing to take just a tiny bit of care, you would have a truly versatile outfit in your wardrobe, all the time.

      The white linen joggers, travel pants, and trousers that you can find on our website are hand-crafted to perfection and with an immense amount of detailing. These are designed to offer all-day comfort, without compromising on style or that feeling of luxury – whether you are going for a casual look or something a little more dapper, you will be able to find something that will allow you to create that perfect look every day!

      A collection that goes beyond just linen white kurta for men

      In case you thought that our collection of white was restricted to linen white shirts or linen white kurta options, you would be sadly mistaken because we offer so much more! While our collection of shirts, pants, and kurtas in white is quite extensive, there is also something else in white that we bring to you. Our 100% Pure White Linen Fabric is the perfect gifting option for any occasion – the 2 meters of pure white linen fabric can be crafted into anything from a shirt to shorts to a kurta.


      • Are pure linen shirts good?
        As long as you buy them from a reputed website like ours, linen shirts are actually a really good investment.
      • Are white linen shirts good for summer?
        Yes, white linen shirts are perfect for the summers because linen is highly breathable and skin-friendly and white looks great during the summer months.
      • Is linen better for summer or winter?
        Linen is an all-season fabric, which means that you can wear it during the summers as well as the winters.
      • How do you maintain white linen travel pants?
        Linen is actually easy to wash because you can machine wash it. Starching and ironing are completely optional. But yes, white needs to be taken care of, a little bit more and we suggest that you not use bleach because it can weaken the fibers.
      • What to pair with white linen shirt men?