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      Double Pocket Pure Linen Shirt Thomas

      Thomas Linen Shirts for Men

      Presenting the Thomas linen shirts for men collection!

      Lightweight, airy, breathable – these are all adjectives that one would use to describe linen, a fabric that is nature’s gift to the planet. Not only is this one of the most sustainable fabrics in the world, it is also one of the most luxurious. As a matter of fact, linen is high up on the list when it comes to quiet luxury in the world of fashion. At Linen Trail, we use pure linen that comes from Europe as our canvas to create some of the most stunning designs for men and women! Every garment that you see in our virtual aisles is a testament to our commitment to building a sustainable fashion brand that offers style and comfort. One look at our Thomas long sleeve linen shirts collection and you will see just what we mean – every shirt that you see in this collection is a labour of love. The design has been created keeping in mind the modern man who does not want to compromise on comfort or class. The colours have been picked to work with not only all kinds of skin tones but also occasions. The cut and silhouettes will give you that extra boost of confidence that comes from looking great and when you style them right, you will always have that perfect look which captures the right kind of attention!

      Rejuvenate your wardrobe with long sleeve linen shirts

      There is a reason why there is a growing love towards linen, and the actual benefits such as the sustainability and the breathability are just some of them.

      • Linen is known to be one of the airiest fabrics in the world which means that when the summers hit, there is no fabric better than this one. Moreover, linen can also help regulate body temperature during the winters, making this an all-season fabric.
      • When you check out our Thomas pure linen shirts for men, you will see that there are plenty of options on offer in terms of colours and sizes. So no matter what you are looking for, you will find it here!
      • All of our shirts are designed to offer comfort and class – they are easy to style for office as well as casual wear. Whether you want to pack them for a business trip or a holiday, these shirts are perfect.
      • Our Thomas collection comes with double pockets and while it does make for a style statement, it also has some real benefits.

      The benefits of double pocket linen full sleeve shirt for men

      There would be plenty of people who would say that a traditional linen full sleeve shirt for men is the best choice because the single pocket on the left chest is what has been seen most commonly. However, once you try on a double pocketed shirt, you will understand how elegant and practical they can be.

      • Did you know that double pocketed shirts were actually called utility shirts because they offered a lot more functionality as opposed to a single pocket? Initially, these shirts were considered rugged and not really suitable for the more posh or sophisticated dresser; however, over time the shirt has become extremely popular and has emerged as a much-loved design for formal and casual wear.
      • Today, most men want to be handsfree and the addition of an extra pocket on the shirt offers just that – whether you want to keep your keys or your credit cards, the extra pocket is sure to come in handy.

      Even if you just want something that just stands apart in a crowd of regular, the Thomas collection is sure to capture your attention and the sheer comfort that they offer will make them your favourites!

      Style your linen shirts for men with style!

      So how do you style your linen shirts for men? Do you just wear them with whatever bottom wear you can find, or do you take the time to create the perfect combination? When you pick shirts from Linen Trail half your task is done because you have chosen some of the finest shirts that you can find. However, the remaining half lies in how you style the shirt. This is something that needs to be done with care and concern – think of the occasion, consider the climate, and remember the time of the day.

      • Let’s start with a formal look – Given that our Thomas pure linen shirts are full-sleeved, they are perfect for office wear. You can pair them with formal trousers and when you add a stylish belt and some formal-looking shoes, you have a look that is ready to walk into the office in style.
      • How about a casual look – Linen is known for its easy breezy feel, which is why it is perfect for creating a casual look. Whether you wear them with linen pants or your favourite pair of jeans, remember to keep the belt and footwear casual too. Our linen white full sleeves shirt works amazingly with dark coloured denims and white sneakers!
      • Get vacation ready – Our shirts are also a really good choice to wear for a holiday because these can easily turn from a shirt to a shacket – wear a comfortable organic tee and wear the shirt unbuttoned for that resort-ready vibe!
      • A little festive perhaps – When the festive season is knocking, or you have a wedding to attend, the same collection of shirts will add that element of pizzazz to your look. The darker colours are great for celebrations, but in case you are attending day events, you can consider the lighter colours too.


      • Can you wear a double pocket shirt to the office?
        Of course, these long sleeve linen shirts are a wonderful option for formal and office wear.
      • Do the Thomas shirts come with a single pocket?
        No, these shirts come with a double pocket, making them so much more unique and special.
      • What kind of trousers will work well with these pure linen shirts for men?
        You can mix and match based on the colour of the shirt – light coloured shirts go well with dark pants and vice versa.
      • Can these shirts be worn on holiday?
        Yes, these linen stylish shirts for men are a good option for holidays – you can wear them as shirts or shackets.
      • How do you maintain the Thomas long sleeve linen shirts?
        You can wash them by hand or in the machine, but remember to use a gentle cleaning agent and a gentle cycle on the machine. Lay them out flat to dry and away from direct sunlight!