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      Discover comfortable style with Trevor half sleeve linen shirts

      One of the reasons why more and more men are gravitating towards pure linen shirts for men is because they know that these shirts are high on comfort and when purchased from a reputed brand will be the perfect combination of style and sophistication. What makes linen so special is that it is an all-season fabric – it can keep the heat away during the summers and offers slight insulation during the winters. The highly breathable nature of linen ensures that you never feel stuffy in it and because it is a hypoallergenic fabric it can be used even by those who have sensitive skin.

      At Linen Trail we are constantly looking to reinvent articles of clothing that have been around for a long time – for most people men’s fashion is simple and limited. But we believe that the only limitation is one’s imagination because when there is a canvas in the form of super soft and skin-friendly fabric sky is the limit. This is why our team of designers are always looking to create something new that has a finger on the global pulse but works perfectly with the Indian sensibilities and climate. This is why our Trevor linen shirts for men with mandarin collar are so perfect for the modern man – the mandarin collar matches global trends while the silhouette will keep you feeling super comfortable all day long.

      The ultimate guide to styling the Trevor linen men shirts

      Investing in some high-quality linen shirts is a good idea; investing in some Trevor short sleeve linen shirts for men is an even better idea because these shirts are created to add a sense of superior style and luxury to your wardrobe. What makes these shirts stand apart from other short sleeve shirts is the fact that these come with a classy looking Mandarin collar. In comparison to a regular collar, this type of collar adds almost a sense of whimsy – the shirts are perfectly suited for not only casual wear but can also be used to create stunning semi-formal looks.

      Creating perfect looks with our linen stylish shirts for men

      • Heading to work doesn’t mean that you always have to be dressed in full sleeve shirts because tasteful short sleeves work just as well. You can opt for solid-coloured shirts or small stripes or checks and when these shirts are teamed with tailored trousers or even chinos you can have that slightly formal look which is perfect for office. Remember to add some smart looking shoes and a watch to complete the look.
      • When the weekend plans are being formed, the same Trevor linen casual shirts for men will work so well – the mandarin collar along with the short sleeve is just what you need to unwind. The shirt will go well with not only khakis and jeans but even with shorts should you be planning a lazy lunch. Some comfortable sneakers and sunglasses and you will be ready to slay the weekend!
      • On your vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is your clothes because you are heading to a destination where you get to leave all your worries behind. In such scenarios, you want clothes that are just as hassle-free and our selection of men's half sleeve linen shirts are so right for such occasions. Whether you team them with shorts, joggers, or linen travel pants, you can be sure that you will be looking cool and feeling comfortable.

      Picking the right short sleeve linen shirt for yourself!

      • For starters, you want to make sure that you are picking a fabric that is easy on the skin – Linen Trail’s pure linen shirts are a great choice for you because they are highly breathable and hypoallergenic, making them perfect for all weathers and skins!
      • Try to experiment with the fits – while the slim and tailored fit is perfect for formal occasions such as professional meetings and weddings, you can always consider the loose or even oversized fit for when you are heading off for a vacation or a day out with friends.
      • Remember to pay attention to the colour palette as well – most men might not pay much attention to the colour and are often limited to the dark or light colour methodology; you really should take some time to pick with care. Very bright colours might not be suitable for your office but there is no stopping you from using them for Sunday brunches and vacations.
      • Same goes for prints and patterns – as long as you know how to pick and pair, you are good. Small prints or patterns such as checks and stripes are great for that formal look. However, when you are looking to pick a linen short sleeve shirt for casual wear, you can go as large as you want!
      • And don’t forget the collar – even the collar has a role to play in the complete look! The regular collar is a good option for office but then so is the mandarin collar. Our Trevor linen shirts with mandarin collar are great for not only casual wear but also office.


      • Is it OK to wear mandarin collar for a wedding?
        Absolutely! Our mandarin collar shirts are great on their own or under a formal jacket. Remember to team the shirt with tailored trousers and formal shoes.
      • Is a mandarin collar shirt formal?
        It depends on how you style the shirt – if you wear the mandarin collar shirt with formal trousers, you will have a formal look. The footwear and accessories will also have a role to play in completing the look.
      • Can Trevor linen short sleeve shirts be formal?
        Yes, you can wear these half sleeve linen shirts with formal trousers and footwear to create a formal look.
      • What colours are offered in the Trevor collection?
        Just a glance at the Trevor linen half sleeve shirts collection and you will see that there are plenty of colours – from shades of blue to greens, the classic white and black, as well earthy tones, there is plenty to choose from.
      • Do the Trevor linen shirts for men come with pockets?
        Yes, all of our Trevor linen shirts for men come with one pocket on the left chest.