10 Types of Linen Shirts That Every Man Must Have!

Building a wardrobe is not rocket science; you just need a little bit of thought going into it and a good place to shop like Linen Trail. However, you do need to know a little bit about what you need; what the must haves are. Given that there are plenty of options in the world of men’s fashion today, knowing what to buy and how much to buy becomes important. For instance, there are several types of shirts for men, but you might not need every single type; understanding a little about the types of shirts will allow you to shop right. 

10 main types of shirts that you should have in your wardrobe

    1. Full Sleeve – As a working professional, you will most certainly need full sleeve shirts, because these are what are considered most appropriate. You should ideally have at least 2 full sleeve linen shirts in light colours and 2 in dark colours, because with these, you will be able to create multiple combinations. 
    2. Half Sleeve – Just as important are full sleeves, so are half sleeves – these are suitable for not only the workplace, especially when you have casual days at work. You will also need short sleeve shirts for those outings with your friends and family and any time you are not in a formal environment. 
    3. Plain – There is something very elegant and sophisticated about a solid-coloured shirt – they work really well for a range of occasions. You can wear them to work and when you are out and about town, and you can also pick them in short and full sleeves. At Linen Trail, you will be able to choose from different colours of shirts and we suggest a mix of light and dark shades to create a balanced wardrobe. 
    4. StripesWhen you want something that is formal looking, yet has an element of fun, you will want to consider stripes. For the longest time, pinstripes as well as slightly spaced stripes are always considered appropriate for office wear, especially when they are on a base of white. 
    5. EmbroideredAlthough there might be some men who might not be comfortable with wearing embroidered shirts, we feel that it is important to have a variety of shirts in your wardrobe. At Linen Trail, you will be able find some incredible embroidered shirts, which are perfect for occasion wear. 
    6. Party WearWhether you are heading for a wedding or a party, you will need to have some shirts that have that X factor, something with a little jazz. You can pick something with an interesting print or snazzy colours, because as long as you are confident and comfortable in what you wear, it will look good on you!
    7. Double ColourYou can also consider a double colour shirt, which is a good option for when you are looking for something that is ideal for casual wear and when you are on vacation. These days, you can find some truly interesting double colour combinations, and you can pick whatever catches your fancy. 
    8. Should you come to shop at Linen Trail, you will be able to see some very interesting shirts – ones that have very unique collars, ones with interesting prints and patterns down the front and even ones with uncommon looking buttons. These kinds of shirts can work for several occasions, including parties and festive wear.
    9. And when you are talking about types of shirts, you also need to pick a few t-shirts and polos, because these are great to team with jeans, chinos, cargos and shorts. 

Think of the colours too, rather than just the type of shirts for men! 

Yes, you need to have a variety of shirts in your wardrobe, but you also need a range of colours, but just like shirts, you also need to spend a little time considering the colours you pick. Here are some suggestions on the must have shirt colours:

  • White – Nothing can beat the classic white shirt – whether you use it for formal wear to office, paired with navy blue or khaki pants or you wear it with white linen pants or classic blue jeans for your casual outings, a white linen shirt is a must have. 
  • Black – Just like white, a black shirt is also a must have – just like white, black also works well for formal and casual occasions and it looks really elegant and sophisticated when opted for parties and such. 
  • Shades of blue – Whether you pick a sky blue or a navy blue, shades of blue are a great addition to your wardrobe. You will be able to use a sky-blue half sleeve shirt to office as well as a beachside vacation with ease. The same way a navy-blue shirt is suitable for the boardroom and the dance floor! 
  • Shades of grey – In the recent past, charcoal and light grey have also become very popular, mainly because they work for both formal and casual wear. At Linen Trail, you will be able to find a large range of linen shirts in shades of grey, including double-coloured versions. 
  • Pastels – Cool and light colours, or what is commonly known as pastels are also must have shirt colours and you can consider light shades of pink, orange, brown, green and even red. 
  • Darks – You also need a few dark colours other than black and navy – whether you pick something like a deep olive green or a burnt brick red, pick a colour that will work with the bottom wear options you have. 

At Linen Trail, you will be able to find plenty of choice, not only in terms of shirt types, but also colours, designs, prints and patterns. And given that these are all handcrafted using superior quality linen, you can be sure of the quality and comfort!