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      Linen Short Jacket

      Choose from super stylish Linen short jackets for men from Linen Trail

      There is a reason why you will want to keep coming back to shop at Linen Trail – not only do we offer you some of the finest quality linen clothing, which is handcrafted to perfection. But also, because we are in sync with modern fashion, which means that everything that you see in our stores is what the man of fashion is wearing, globally. That is one of the reasons why you too will want to pick at least one linen short jacket from our store, because this is what fashion is all about – it is comfort, it is style and most importantly, it is sustainable!

      Whether you choose our linen jackets for summer or want to use them for the colder months, you can be certain that you will not only maintain your style quotient, but also feel the utmost comfort. The linen that is used to make all our jackets and even our other clothes is super soft and super relaxed and we can assure you that when you step out, wearing our jackets, you will not feel weighed down at all.

      Can you really do without a linen short jacket?

      There would be people who would try to argue that there is no real need for men linen jackets in their wardrobe. And while one could go about life without this particular garment, we would like to believe that your wardrobe would only gain from adding this piece of clothing. There are so many ways in which one can style the linen short jackets for men – whether you are heading out for a casual meeting with friends or you are planning to travel by air; the casual linen jackets for men work so well!

      What is truly wonderful about our short jackets is that they will work just as well with formal trousers, as they will with the most casual jeans. All you need to do is style them right!

      The wonderous world of Men Linen short Jackets

      When you first come to Linen Trail, you will see that we have a large collection of short linen jackets, but before you choose to pick any (or all of them), allow us to tell you a little bit more about them:

      • For starters, they are all made using the highest grade linen, which ensures high quality and true value for your money.
      • While linen has been around for several centuries, if not more, it is only recently that it is seeing a resurgence. This is because people are starting to understand that linen is one of the most sustainable choices in modern day fashion, even more than cotton!
      • Each of our pieces is cut and crafted by hand – this means that each piece is unique! This goes for every product we offer including our linen shirts.
      • Should you pay attention to the methods of taking care of linen (its actually pretty simple – wash and wear!), these short linen jackets for men will last you a lifetime!
      • We aim at creating something that a man of every generation will like to own – this is one of the reasons why, all our designs are timeless and elegant, while maintaining that element of style! Whether you are getting ready to go to college or you are taking that long-deserved holiday with your grandchildren, these jackets are sure to keep you comfortable and stylish! And just in case you are not too comfortable with the idea of a shorter jacket, might we suggest that you check out our selection of linen long jackets?

      How Short linen jackets will work for every occasion

      Now, it is quite possible that a lot of people might not know how to use the short linen jackets and that is just fine, because we are here to help you out with some of the easiest ways to style with these jackets:

      • Super casual – Whether you are headed for a movie date or just a shopping trip with the family, you can add a jacket to your look. The pockets are sure to come in handy for keys, wallets etc.
      • Semi-casual – Its casual Friday at office and you want to wear your favourite chinos with a white shirt. Add some colour to your look with something from our collection of men linen short jackets.
      • Travel ready – These shorts jackets are perhaps the easiest way to add comfort, style and purpose for when you are travelling. The jacket will offer you that gentle warmth when you in air or airconditioned train and the extra pockets will offer you that element of practical.
      • Party ready – And in case you are headed to a party, our range of short jackets are a great way to add some jazz!


      • Can you wear these jackets with jeans?
        Of course! You can wear these men linen jackets with all kinds of lowers; from jeans to pants to chinos to joggers.
      • Are these suitable for day wear?
        You can wear these for day and night – they will be comfortable, any time of the day.
      • I have to go to a party at night; will these jackets work?
        Oh yes! Like we said, you can use these jackets for anytime of the day and even kind of event.
      • Are these offered in many colours?
        Yes, our linen short jackets come in a plethora of colours and designs – you can pick the one that catches your fancy!
      • Do all the jackets have the same type of collar?
        Our designers have put in a lot of effort to ensure that our jackets look different and unique – this includes the actual design of the jackets and their collars too.
      • Do these jackets come with zippers or buttons?
        Our jackets are all fitted with really classy looking buttons, which you can do up or leave as is – depending on your mood and styling!