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      Trevor Long Sleeve Shirts

      Explore easy elegance with Trevor linen full sleeve shirts

      It doesn’t matter if you are building a fresh wardrobe for yourself or you want to simply replenish or refresh your existing wardrobe; there are some essentials that are a must-have. Creating and curating the perfect wardrobe for men is no rocket science; all you need is a little careful selection and of course, a shopping spree at Linen Trail! This is the home to some of the finest linen clothing for men that you can find – we have chosen the finest quality European linen to create designs that are not only stylish, but also incredibly comfortable.

      All the long sleeve linen shirts for men that you pick from our collections have been created with immense care and detailing. Whether you are looking for shirts that are perfect for the boardroom or you want something that you can use for a special or festive occasion, you will find something in our virtual aisles. Our Trevor linen shirts for men are truly exquisite, because not only do they give you the luxurious feel of high quality linen, the elegant sophistication of the long sleeves, but also the whimsical charm of the mandarin collar, which makes these shirts stand apart in a crowd of traditional full sleeved shirts.

      Here’s why Mandarin collared long sleeve linen shirts are perfect for the office

      When you are looking for formal wear, something that is perfect for the office and the boardroom, you will want to choose something from our selection of long sleeve linen shirts. Here are just some reasons why these shirts are so perfect for your formal wear wardrobe:

      • For starters, whenever there is a more serious occasion, you need something that is long sleeved, because it offers a sense of easy elegance.
      • On a day-to-day basis, you can use any one of our Trevor mandarin collar linen shirts for your office use. Teamed with the right pair of trousers, you can look well turned out, quite effortlessly.
      • All our shirts come with a pocket on the left chest, which offers style as well as a practical element to your look.
      • These shirts work really well under formal jackets as well – whether you choose a formal blazer or one of the jackets from our collection, you can be sure that this shirt will look good under it!

      Ace the casual look with Trevor long sleeve linen shirts for men

      In case you thought that Trevor linen full sleeve shirts were meant only for the office and those formal occasions, then think again, because these very shirts can be styled in more ways than one.

      • Wear the shirt and simply roll up your sleeves to create that casual look, which is perfect for those fun Fridays at work or when you are heading out with friends.
      • Use the shirt as a part of layers – wear an organic plain or printed tee inside and use this shirt, open buttoned, to create an easy jacket look.
      • When you are planning to travel, these linen full sleeve shirts will be a real addition to your suitcase, because these can work just as well as linen pants as well as shorts.

      However, if you are looking for really stylish half sleeve linen shirts, then you can check out the Trevor short sleeved shirts collection too!

      The ‘how to’ of maintaining our pure linen shirts

      The life of your elegant and exquisite linen trending shirts for men depends solely on how well you take care of them. Although linen is one of the most durable fabrics in the world, it doesn’t mean that you need not take care of it. But yes, taking care of linen is a lot easier than several other fabrics.

      • Wash with room temperature, or at the most, warm water, but never hot water, because hot water can damage the strands of the fabric.
      • Invest in a good quality cleaning agent – powder or liquid – that is very mild, since harsh chemicals could break the fibers.
      • Whether you are washing the long sleeve linen shirts for men by hand or in the machine, remember to be gentle. Set the washing machine on a gentle cycle.
      • Once washed, you can lay them out flat to allow them to dry; alternately, if you are using a dryer, use a gentle cycle.
      • Although starching is not compulsory, there are some who like that slightly stiff and crisp look to their full sleeve linen shirts. In such cases, before drying, the shirt needs to be soaked in starch water for no more than 10 minutes. In order to prepare the starch water, you can pour a capful of starch liquid in half a bucket of water and then soak the shirt completely in the water.
      • Ironing too is completely dependent on personal preference – you can choose to do it or you can choose to enjoy the gentle creases. If you are planning to iron the shirt, then do so while still slightly damp. Alternately, you can spray a little water on the shirt and then iron them.


      • Can you wear the Trevor long sleeve mandarin collar linen shirt with jeans?
        Absolutely! Our mandarin collared linen shirts look really great with jeans. You can wear them with jeans to create that semi-formal look; wear your long sleeve shirt and roll up the sleeves to give yourself the casual look.
      • What do you wear inside a linen shirt?
        Depending on how transparent the shirt is, you can choose to wear an inner inside – if the shirt is on the slightly thicker side, you can opt to wear the shirt as is. In case you are wearing the shirt for a completely casual occasion, you can even wear an organic tee inside.
      • Do the Trevor long sleeve mandarin collar linen shirts get hot?
        None of our shirts will give you that hot uncomfortable feeling! Our high-grade European linen has been chosen to for its breathability and temperature regulating capabilities. This means that our shirts are perfect for the summer months, keeping you feeling super cool and comfortable.
      • How long can you wear linen shirts?
        You can wear our long sleeve linen shirts for the entire day and feel completely comfortable! The super soft nature of our linen allows your skin to breathe through the day and its moisture wicking abilities will ensure that you are left feeling dry.
      • Do you wash linen shirts?
        Of course, from a hygiene point of view, you will need to wash your linen clothing on a regular basis. You can learn more about how to take care of your linen, by clicking here.
      • Are linen shirts comfortable?
        If you buy them at Linen Trail, for sure! Our shirts are designed to offer great style and immense comfort, no matter how long you wear them.
      • Are the Trevor long sleeve mandarin collar linen shirts wrinkle free?
        Linen is recognized for its creases and wrinkles; even if you iron them, over the span of the day, the wrinkles will appear.