love thomas?

You'll love these colors more!

Adventure-Ready Safari Style

Relaxed Travel Essentials:

  • Embrace a light-colored Thomas Linen Shirt for a laid-back travel day.
  • Pair it with comfy linen joggers and casual sneakers (like Converse) for a relaxed travel ensemble.

Adventure-Ready Safari Style:

  • Choose a dark-toned Thomas Linen Shirt and pair it with cargo pants and sturdy boots or sneakers for a rugged safari look.

  • Keep it casual with a backpack for travel or opt for rugged accessories for the safari style.

Business Casual & Layered Jacket Look:

Versatile Neutrals:

  • Opt for a neutral-toned Thomas Linen Shirt for its versatility.
  • Tuck it into tailored trousers in a complementary shade for a polished business casual look.

Layered Jacket:

Leave it untucked and layer it over a basic tee for a stylish and casual jacket alternative.

  • Pair it with denim or chinos for a contemporary and polished appearance.
  • Add a wristwatch and a leather belt for a business-ready finish.

Embarking on a sustainable journey, and I'm thrilled to have found Linen Trail. This linen shirt is a true gem – love the sustainable touch!🌿

Paul Foster | Singapore